The Office of the Supreme Leader

Wuḍū’ and Ghusl with Injured Wuḍū’ Members

Question: If there is a wound or fracture in the organs of wuḍū’ without any dressing/bandage, how should one perform wuḍū’?
Answer: If the wound is najis, it should be washed with water before performing wuḍū’. If the water does not harm it, wash it normally during wuḍū’. But if it is harmful to wash it, then during wuḍū’, you should wash the area around it and by caution, pass wet hand on it if it is not harmful. If it is najis, one should put a clean cloth on it and pass wet hand on it. Of course, if there is a wound on the place of masḥ and he cannot pass wet hand on it, he should perform tayammum instead of wuḍū’. But if he is able to put a cloth on the wound and pass hand on it, it is a caution that he performs wuḍū’ with such a masḥ in addition to tayammum.
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