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Ghusl of Touching the Dead Fetus and Paying Blood Money for Abortion

Question: Due to a genetic problem, the fetus has become dehydrated and immobile, and the mother, despite the effort and spending money to preserve the fetus, was forced to abort it by a specialist doctor. In this case:
1- Is it the mother's responsibility to make ghusl of the dead body?
2- Are parents to pay blood money or to do any act?
1) If the fetus is at least four months old and is aborted dead, it is necessary for mother to make ghusl for touching the dead body of fetus, but if it died after abortion, it is not necessary for her to make ghusl for touching it.
2) If the fetus has a soul, then due to obligatory caution, the person who causes the abortion must pay the blood money. However, if the fetus is aborted after it died by itself, no blood money is required.
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