The Office of the Supreme Leader

Leader visits exhibition on armed forces' achievements

Islamic Revolution Leader, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei on Wednesday visited an exhibition showcasing more than 300 scientific and technological achievements of the Iranian Armed Forces.
Islamic Revolution Leader paid a four-hour visit to the exhibit, where space and maritime equipment, air defense systems, aircraft, helicopters, unmanned planes, vessels, submarines sophisticated two-and three-dimensional radars, electronic jet equipment, cyber war systems, and other scientific and technological achievements of the Armed Forces including the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, the Islamic Republic Army, Police and Defense Ministry, have been put on display.
After visiting the exhibition, Ayatollah Khamenei appreciated the organizers of it and highlighted deep researches as main base for new achievements and urged acceleration of scientific researches among the armed forces.
Islamic Revolution Leader called for establishment of research centers in different organizations related to the armed forces and urged promotion of knowledge and technology as well as new productions in these centers.
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution underlined necessity for expansion of armed forces' research centers and support for scholars and elites.
"The research centers should cooperate with universities in the field of scientific research," Ayatollah Khamenei added.  
"Our main goal for production of weapons in the Islamic Republic of Iran is to bolster deterrent and resistance against arrogant powers, while the West seeks trade through production of arms," IR Leader added.
Ayatollah Khamenei concluded that the efforts made by the Iranian experts in the army forces would foil the sanctions against Iranian nation.
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