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Hajj Rites 2015

  • Introduction
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    Hajj Merits & SIGNIFICANCE

    Hajj is one of the most integral pillars of Islam upon which Islam has been established. Imam Baqir (as) says "Islam has been established on the following five elements: prayer, zakāt, fast, hajj and wilāyah".[1]

    Hajj is of two kind; obligatory and mustaḥabb, it holds immense virtue and abundant reward. Many traditions have been narrated from the Holy Prophet S.A.W. and the purified Ahl ul-Bayt as. on the merits of hajj. Imam Sadiq (Peace be upon Him) says: "Those who performHajj and ‘umrah form the delegation of Allah; if they beg Him, He will grant them; if they call upon Him, He will answer them; if they want to intercede for others, He will accept it; and if they keep quiet, He will speak on their behalf, and they will be compensated with a reward of one million dirhams for the expense of one dirham".[2]

    [1] Al Kafi, vol. 2 p. 18, H. 1 ; Wasaeil Ashia, vol. 1 p. 7, chapter. 1 H. 1

    [2] Al Kafi, vol. 4, p. 255, H. 14

  • Types of Hajj and ‘umrah
  • General Structure of hajj tamattu‘ and its ‘umrah
  • hajj ifrād’ and ‘umrah mufradah
  • hajj qirān
  • General Rules for hajj tamattu‘
  • Part one ḥajjat ul-Islam and hajj on behalf
  • Part two Rites of ‘umrah
  • Part three Practices of hajj
  • Inquires about hajj and ‘umrah
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