The Office of the Supreme Leader

Hajj Rites 2015

  • Introduction
  • Types of Hajj and ‘umrah
  • General Structure of hajj tamattu‘ and its ‘umrah
  • hajj ifrād’ and ‘umrah mufradah
  • hajj qirān
  • General Rules for hajj tamattu‘
  • Part one ḥajjat ul-Islam and hajj on behalf
  • Part two Rites of ‘umrah
    • Chapter one Places (Mīqāts) of iḥrām
    • Chapter two iḥrām
      • 1) Obligations of iḥrām
      • 2) The mustaḥabb acts of iḥrām
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        2) The mustaḥabb acts of iḥrām

        Issue 157: It is recommended that body is pure before wearing iḥrām, the extra hair of body is removed and nails are cut off. Brushing teeth is also recommended before wearing iḥrām.

        It is also mustaḥabb to take ghusl before entering in the state of iḥrām at mīqāt. It is said that on cautionary basis this ghusl should not be neglected. Furthermore, it is recommended that one wears iḥrām after an obligatory noon-prayer or after any obligatory prayer or after offering a two-rak'ah prayer. It is mentioned in some hadiths that one offers six rak'ahs of recommended prayers as such prayers have great significance/reward.

        For a person who wants to perform hajj, it is recommended that he does not cut his hair in the month of Dhul-Qa‘dah.

      • 3) makrūh acts of iḥrām
      • 4) prohibited acts of iḥrām
    • Chapter three Ṭawāf and its prayer
    • Chapter four sa‘y between Safā and Marvah
    • Chapter five taqsīr
  • Part three Practices of hajj
  • Inquires about hajj and ‘umrah
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