The Office of the Supreme Leader

Hajj Rites 2015

  • Introduction
  • Types of Hajj and ‘umrah
  • General Structure of hajj tamattu‘ and its ‘umrah
  • hajj ifrād’ and ‘umrah mufradah
  • hajj qirān
  • General Rules for hajj tamattu‘
  • Part one ḥajjat ul-Islam and hajj on behalf
  • Part two Rites of ‘umrah
  • Part three Practices of hajj
  • Inquires about hajj and ‘umrah
    • being mustaṭī‘
    • hajj on Behalf
    • hajj ifrād and ‘umrah Mufradah
    • Exit and entrance in the Holy city of Mecca
    • Mīqāts
    • iḥrām and its dress
    • Prohibitions of iḥrām
    • Ṭawāf and its Prayer
    • sa‘y
    • Mash‘ar (Muzdalifah)
    • ḥalq and taqsīr
    • Sacrifice and slaughtering the animal
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      Q108. A person hires a representative for slaughtering the animal, can he/she sleep before the returning of hired person?

      Answer: There is no objection.

      Q109. At present, it is impossible to slaughter an animal in Minā as the authorities have specified another place outside Minā.

      It is said that meat of the slaughtered animal is thrown away and wasted. A lot of money is spent on animal purchase while many poor people are dying due to malnutrition.

      Can a pilgrim slaughter the animal in his own country or appoint a person through a telephone call so that he may slaughter the animal and the meat of the animal would be divided amongst the poor people? Or this slaughter should be done on the very place of slaughtering gate? Can a person follow the decree of other jurists who consider it permissible as it is quoted from some learned figures?

      Answer:This deed is not permissible and slaughtering should be performed in Minā. If slaughtering in Minā is not possible, it should be done at the place that has been spared for this deed, so that the Divine motto is observed.

      Q110. At present, the authorities have forbidden slaughtering the animal in the land of Minā. Can the pilgrims slaughter the animal out of Ḥaram or slaughtering the animal in the holy city of Mecca would be sufficient?

      Answer: Slaughtering animal is not allowed at any place except Minā. However if slaughtering is banned in Minā, it should be done at the place that is situated near Minā and specified for this deed.

      Q111. There are many welfare institutions in Saudi Arabia that take the responsibility of slaughtering animals on the behalf of pilgrims and they divide the meat of these animals amongst the needy and the poor. What is view of His Highness and what conditions are compulsory for it?

      Answer:It is compulsory that the conditions of slaughtering animal should be fulfilled as mentioned in the books on hajj rites.

      Q112. Can a person hand over the meat of slaughtered animal to welfare institutions so that they may divide it amongst the needy?

      Answer: There is no objection to it.

      Q113. A few people have slaughtered the animals in the holy city of Mecca near Minā. Now, they are in state of doubt whether their slaughtering was permissible and sufficient or not and should they repeat their deed during the remaining days of Dhul-Ḥijjah? Should they repeat it in Mu‘eisam?

      Answer: In case, it is impossible for a person to slaughter an animal in Minā, it is obligatory for him, if possible, to slaughter the animal at the nearest place to Minā. Therefore, if the distance of slaughtering place is equal to the distance of Mu‘eisam to Minā or nearer to it, slaughtering is sufficient and allowed.

      Q114. If slaughtering is not allowed in the holy city of Mecca, what about the subsequent acts performed in the holy city of Mecca (like ṭawāf of Hajj, prayer, sa‘y, ṭawāf ofnisā’ and its prayer)? Are these deeds valid or it is obligatory to repeat them?

      Answer:Apparently, if a person delays the slaughtering due to ignorance, his deeds are valid, though caution is better.

    • Passing the night in Minā and Departing from Minā
    • Ramy (stoning) at Jamarāt
    • Miscellaneous Issues
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