The Office of the Supreme Leader

Leader's Statements at the Graduation Ceremony of Army Cadets

The following is the abridged text of a speech made by the Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, at the graduation ceremony of the third batch of cadets of various military academies of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army on September 28, 2005. The ceremony was held at Imam Ali (greetings be upon him) Military Academy.

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

I express my felicitations to you, the dear young servicemen, and the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army on your graduation.

The training of dedicated and competent youngsters and preparing the ground for their presence in various positions of responsibility, whether in the army or in the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps or in other state organizations, is an auspicious event both for the officials of the Islamic Republic and for the Iranian nation.

Today, as time goes by and new generations emerge on the scene, we can see that the level of knowledge and commitment of officials of various ranks is also rising. You will be working in different units of the army, and each one of you will be entrusted with a momentous responsibility.

As the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are the manifestation of national power and dignity and the ability to defend the integrity and identity of our nation, a fact which is quite evident in the Iranian armed forces, so every one of you is also expected to increase the worth, honor and strength of your military units and organizations by performing your responsibilities in an optimal manner.

If a nation does not have the power to defend itself, nothing can ensure its honor and dignity. In the present world, in which the material desires and ambitions of those wielding power have replaced spiritual and human values, only a nation that relies on its inherent ability and potential will be able to protect its honor and dignity.

A nation should be self-reliant in order to be capable of securing the honor that it deserves. It should be scientifically advanced in order to be held in high regard. Scientific power gives a nation the ability to defend itself.

The Iranian armed forces are the manifestation of the defensive power of our country. It is true that at the time of great trials, the entire nation will support the armed forces of our country, as the Iranian people did during the eight years of the Sacred Defense; still, the armed forces are those who are entrusted with the major task of defending the country.

Our dear young servicemen, who will start working in various units and organizations of the armed forces, should try to raise the level of knowledge, commitment and efficiency of their organizations and play their due part in increasing the defensive power of our great and honorable nation.

Innovation, creativity, motivation, piety and virtue, which by the favor of Allah exist in you, and the observance of military discipline, reliance on and seeking assistance from Almighty Allah as well as confidence in one's inner strength are the main factors contributing to your success in performing your responsibilities.

On the vast arena that extends before you, talents will develop and prominent personalities will emerge. Undoubtedly, among you are the ones who will play a very effective role in the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army and who will greatly contribute to the progress of this organization.

I pray to Almighty Allah to confer success on you all. Also, considering that we are currently commemorating the years of the Sacred Defense, I pray to the Almighty to rank you among the prominent defenders of the country, and that you may benefit from the auspices of His Holiness Imam of the Age – may Almighty Allah hasten his reappearance.

I further pray to the Almighty to bestow His favor and remission on the honorable martyrs and devotees of the armed forces and the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army.

Greetings be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings
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