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Leader's message on Sammara tragedy

Tehran, Feb 22 - Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei in a statement Wednesday expressed condolences over the tragic profane made to the holy shrine of Shiite Imams, Imam Hadi (A.S.) and Imam Hassan Asgari (A.S.) in Iraq, proclaiming a week of national mourning. The statement reads as follows.

Bismillah-e Rahman-e Rahim
We Belong to Allah and We Shall Return to Him

The felonious and bloody hand of malevolent criminals created a large tragedy today and committed another sin in aggressing religious sanctities. The reverent mausoleum of Hazrat Imam Hadi and Imam Asgari, peace be upon them, became subject to sacrilege and destruction leaving thereby an unbearable grief in the hearts of Shiites and the overall Muslims who feel love for (Islam's prophet) household, peace be upon them. The criminal act, whose perpetrators are possibly chosen from among hardline bigots or ill-fated and negligent mercenaries, has been planned by conspirators who have evil and malicious intentions.

This is a political crime and one must find its root in the intelligent bodies of Iraq's occupiers and the Zionists. Dominance-seeking powers, who find Iraqi political and social situation contrary to their hegemonic aims, are plotting in mind malicious ploys, including among others, to fan insecurity and sow religious discords.

Today's criminal act in Sammara added another page to the black record of Iraq's occupiers. The holy shrine of the Askariyin (the two Imams), peace be upon them, will once again get back into full swing by the zealous work of the lovers of the household, peace be upon them, God willing. Nevertheless, the criminal act left a dark blot on the forehead of Islam's enemies which may no be removed even for a long time.

I express my condolences for the tragic event to the reverent Prophet of Islam, may Allah pray for him and his family, and to the lofty status of the Baghiyat-Allah (the last Imam), may our souls be sacrificed to him, as well as all Shiite population worldwide and all zealous and aware Muslims who feel love for the pure household of God's prophet, peace be upon him and them. I proclaim a week of public mourning in the country.

I consider it as necessary to plea for the mourners in Iran, Iraq and other parts of the world to seriously refrain from any action which leads in confrontation and enmity among Muslim brethren. Definitely, there are hands behind which push Shiites to profane mosques and sacred places of Sunni people. Any move in this regard will promote the intentions of enemies of Islam and Muslim nations and is prohibited by the statute.

And Peace be to the righteous servants of Allah
Sayed Ali Khamenei
February 22, 2006
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