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Supreme Leader Meets with University Professors

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met Thursday afternoon with hundreds of university professors. Speaking at the meeting, His Eminence stressed the importance of pursuing the scientific movement in a serious, fast and comprehensive way, saying: "Achieving this important goal requires the activities and jihadi management of those people who love the progress of their country and their people."

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution added: "The scientific movement of the country is a fundamental issue for the future of the country, society and even the world of Islam. After stressing the importance of scientific work for many years, the scientific movement of the country has made great achievements in the present time. It has become well-known on an international level and it can be said that the scientific movement of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been introduced throughout the world."

Referring to an important concern about the scientific achievements of the country, Ayatollah Khamenei stated: "The most important concern is that the scientific movement of the country - which has reached the middle of the way after years of effort, diligence and movement on a difficult path - might slow down or stop. Any pause on this path or anything that leads to slowing down the scientific engine of the country will be followed by backwardness."

His Eminence mentioned that stopping the scientific movement of the country is one of the main plans of the camp of the enemies of the Islamic Republic. Pointing to the constant usage of the word ‘enemy', He said: "Some people are sensitive about using and repeating the word ‘enemy'. This is while the words ‘shaitan' and ‘iblis' have been repeated many times in the Holy Quran. This signifies that we should not ignore shaitan and the enemy."

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution added: "Stressing the issue of the enemy does not mean that we should not pay attention to domestic problems and shortcomings, but ignoring the foreign enemy is a great strategic mistake which will inflict a loss on us."

Ayatollah Khamenei called on the officials in charge of the Ministry of Sciences, academic personalities and university professors to pursue the rapid scientific movement of the country. He reiterated: "Unfortunately in certain eras, we witnessed some inappropriate cases. There were some people in a well-established university of the country who encouraged outstanding youth to leave the country. Another example is that some people inside the Ministry of Sciences used to create obstacles in the way of the scientific movement of the country. Such cases should never be repeated."

His Eminence stressed: "Universities should not be managed by those who place no value on the scientific progress of the country. Rather, it should be managed by those who love the scientific progress of Iran and who understand its significance for the fate of the country and the people."

He described officials' attention to knowledge-based companies as one of the important factors in connecting science, industry and agriculture to one another, adding: "The companies which are really knowledge-based with the necessary standards and criteria can play an important role in continuing the scientific movement."

Pointing to a number of influential personalities who express doubts about the essence of scientific progress of Iran, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: "What they say is based on lack of information. There should be a scientific tour in different areas so that these people know about our praiseworthy achievements in the area of medicine, nuclear energy, nanotechnology, stem cells and other such areas and so that they do not speak when they do not have enough information."

Ayatollah Khamenei described ethics classes in universities as a very valuable opportunity, reiterating: "If professors of ethics behave towards students in a wise way and by relying on deep and up-to-date information, they will bring the most benefits to the country and society. The Supreme Leader's Representative Office in universities should pay careful attention to this issue and it should plan for it."

His Eminence said that making a fundamental change to humanities is a real need and added: "The meaning of changing humanities is not that we do not need scientific and research works of westerners."

He stressed: "The basis of humanities in the west is materialistic and non-divine. This is while humanities will be beneficial to individuals and society when they are based on a divine and Islamic world view. This should not be done in haste, but it is not also appropriate and acceptable to do it slowly."

At the end of his statements, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated: "The officials and managers in charge of universities should seriously try to avoid turning scientific centers into places for the activities of political orientations."

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated: "Tranquility in universities will prepare the ground for accelerating the scientific movement of the country. If, God forbid, this tranquility is shattered, the scientific movement will stop and Iran will witness retrogression.
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