The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Leader during a visit to quake-hit villages:in western Iran: 

Villages to be rebuilt well through efforts by officials, people

Continuing his tour of the quake-stricken regions in Kermanshah, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei paid a visit to the villages of Quik-e Majid, Quik-e Aziz, Quik-e Hassan, Sarab-e Zahab and Ghale’h Bahadori.

Among a crowd of people from these villages, Ayatollah Khamenei expressed sympathy with the disaster-stricken people, saying, “From the early hours of the incident, I repeatedly made the necessary recommendations to the officials to attend to the people, so that a portion of the problems of you dear ones would be resolved and fortunately, armed and civilian forces have so far adopted good measures and made efforts so far and it is necessary that these operations continue with a vengeance.”

Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed to the heavy damage caused by the quake and the complete destruction of some villages, adding, “I am very pleased to have met you faithful and lively youths in person and I am certain that with the grace of God and the efforts of the officials and the endeavors of the people and you beloved youths, the villages will be reconstructed better than before.”  

He appealed to God Almighty to bestow patience, serenity and divine blessings upon the brave and loyal people of Kermanshah, saying, “Today, we share your sufferings and grief and we hope that you would be able to build life anew, so that we will also be able to share your happiness and this disaster would become an excuse for the alleviation of the woes of the villages of Kermanshah Province, which already faced a lot of problems before the earthquake.”  

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