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Ismail Haniyeh, a Hamas leader, in a letter to Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei:

Palestinians hail Iran’s unflinching support for issue of Quds

In a letter to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, Ismail Haniyeh, the chief of the political bureau of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), pointed to the various aspects of the hegemonic powers’ major plot against al-Quds and the Palestinian nation aimed at eliminating Gaza as the fort of resistance and termination of the campaign against the occupying regime of Israel and normalizing the regime’s relations with the region’s vassal rulers. Haniyeh hailed the support of the Iranian nation and the guidelines of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution for the resistance movement, stressing, “With God’s permission and the launch of a vigorous popular Intifada in the West Bank and al-Quds, we will thwart the plot of the tyrant of the current era (US President Donald Trump) and rulers of hypocrisy in capitals near and far to eliminate the issue of Palestine.”     
In the letter, Haniyeh offered the greetings of the Hamas movement’s commanders and fighters and all of the Palestinian people to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation and described Iranians as noble people living in a stable, strong and anti-hegemony country, adding, “All steadfast Palestinian people praise the unwavering and valuable stances of the Islamic Republic on the issue of Palestine and Quds and its support for the popular Palestinian resistance through various kinds of aid.”
The letter pointed to the great and dangerous schemes that are being hatched against the Muslim community, particularly holy al-Quds, with the aim of destroying the pillars of resistance and further read, “Although such plots were clear to us from the past, this truth has, in recent months and days, become more apparent with the Riyadh conference and Trump’s remarks which described Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas as his mobilized enemies and underlined his Zionist viewpoint on the issue of Quds as the capital of the Jews.”    
Continuing, Haniyeh pointed to some of the sufferings of the Palestinian people and the blockade and all-out pharmaceutical, medical and economic embargoes against the residents of Gaza with the aim of creating a humanitarian crisis and undermining the most important fort of resistance. He further said, “The US and some failed rulers seek to put an end to the issue of Palestine and resistance against the occupying regime, so that leaders who are cravint the satisfaction of the US and Israel can normalize and reveal their relations with the Zionist regime and on the other hand, through directing the enmities toward Iran and provoking Shia and Sunni prejudices, confuse the compass of the Muslim community.”     
In the letter, the head of Hamas’ political bureau, described the US declaration of Quds as the capital of the Zionist regime as a step toward removing the obstacles in the path of regional rulers for the Arab-Israeli alliance and disarmament of the resistance. Addressing the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, he said, “I have deep faith in your Excellency’s great role in leading the Islamic Republic and its faithful commanders to counter the project to terminate the issue of Palestine and [I have faith] in your remarks telling the nation to rise and steer clear of the precipice which the rulers of conspiracy and hypocrisy are pushing [the people] toward.”     
Further on in the letter, the Hamas political leader thanked Iran for standing by Palestine in difficult times and for fulfilling the Islamic responsibility of supporting the resistance. It reads, “Without a doubt, under the noble guidance of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Iran has had and will have great superiority in strengthening those struggling in the path of God and planting the roots of resistance and combat in Palestine.” 
Haniyeh said the path to foil the current plots against Palestine and the issue of Quds is a vigorous popular Intifada in the West Bank and Quds, adding, “We will support this decision through the presence of our people at home and abroad, so that the decision of the tyrant of the day, namely Trump, concerning the great plot that has been hatched in capitals near and far to terminate the issue of Palestine, particularly its religious symbol, i.e. Quds, is thwarted and with God’s permission, we will never allow this plot to materialize.”    

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