The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Leader in meeting with commanders of Iran’s Passive Defense Force:

The country’s Passive Defense Force should remain vigilant

Officials of The Passive Defence Organization met with Ayatollah Khamenei this afternoon on October 28, 2018.
During a meeting with officials and head of The National Passive Defense Organization, which was held this afternoon (Sunday), Ayatollah Khamenei -- the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution -- referred to the increased importance of Passive Defence against the enemies’ renewed threats and stressed: “In face of the enemies’ complex methods of attack,  Passive Defence should also be vigorous and alert: take evidence-based, accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive measures, and confront the enemy against any intrusion.”

Ayatollah Khamenei regarded it as essential for officials of all sectors to heed the importance of passive defence and added: “If the managers of the country do not understand the importance of this matter, and passive defense does not aptly develop, the country may be exposed to irreversible threats. Hence, officials from different sectors of the country, military and non-military sectors, should comprehensively cooperate with the Passive Defence Organization.

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