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The speech of Ayatollah Khamenei on the occasion of Eid al-Mab’ath

In a televised speech on the blessed Feast of Mab’ath of the Holy Prophet of Islam, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution delineated the aims of this great gift of God (prophecy of Muhammad) as "divine rule, human growth, establishment of justice and the creation of a purified life". Pointing to the logical need of establishing a political system to achieve these great goals, he said that the Islamic Revolution has revived the line of prophecy of the Holy Prophet, through the initiative and courage of its great leader (Imam Khomeini) and it is for this very reason that it has faced constant hostility from the evil powers of the world. However, their enmities will be defeated by the power of our insight and perseverance on the straight path.
Congratulating people on the occasion of Eid al-Mab’ath, Ayatollah Khamenei, said: "In the missions of all the prophets, there were great divine goals such as monotheism which is at the top, then spiritual purification, education of human beings, the establishment of justice, the creation of a purified life, (meaning the growth and flourishing of intellect and science), achieving peace of mind, having material comfort, the security of the living environment, well-being and happiness, and the spiritual development of human beings.
By emphasizing that the goals of the prophets cannot be achieved by words alone, the Supreme Leader of the Revolution said: "The prophets had to create social relations for this very important matter, which, of course, also requires power and a political system."
Quoting several verses of the Qur'an, Ayatollah Khamenei said that the purpose of the prophets in creating a political system was based on the instructions from the Book of God and divine laws. He said “The establishment of the rule of government requires leadership, management and command, which is a very heavy responsibility given to the Prophet.”
He added: "In the monotheistic view, religion is a comprehensive program for human life in all individual, social and political dimensions, and for this reason, according to the Holy Quran, the wicked, corrupt, arrogant colonialists and looters are against the religion which brings justice and stands for the oppressed.”
Referring to the hostility of the world's oppressors towards the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei said: "Today, the Islamic system, which is called “political Islam” by the propaganda of the arrogant powers, is under all kinds of attacks and conspiracies just because it was able to form an Islamic government, establish a great, powerful Iranian nation, and give its people a religious and Islamic identity.”
Emphasizing that the comprehensive definition of religion contained in Qur'an should not be reduced to devotional and individual deeds, he said that the Prophet brought waves of excitement, movement and effort in early Islamic society and according to the Commander of the believers (Imam Ali), the Final Prophet of God had a medicine and ointment for every pain and disease of individuals and society, and in this way, he applied Islamic judicial laws and punishments wherever needed.
Ayatollah Khamenei continued his speech by describing the Islamic Revolution as reviving the theme of the prophecy in the contemporary period and said: “The great Imam (Khomeini) with his initiative, courage, deep thoughts and sacrifices, was able to follow the same line of the Prophetic Mission and proved the comprehensiveness of Islam with its political and social dimensions.”
Highlighting that the Islamic Revolution is following the same prophetic mission which was against oppression, tyranny and arrogance, and accompanied the oppressed, he said: “With the formation of the Islamic system, the same events and conditions that befell the Prophet have befallen the Islamic Republic of Iran. We therefore see all evil powers and arrogant countries lined up against the people of Iran.”
The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution also pointed to the distortion and lies of the arrogant powers saying: "They lied in their propaganda that the Islamic Republic is at odds with the whole world, while the Islamic system, according to the Qur'an, is only against those who are arrogantly against the Iranian nation. Indeed, we have friendly relations with other nations and countries of all religions and races.”
Referring to the continuation of hostilities of the arrogant powers with the Islamic system, Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized that in order to face the active enemy, two important elements, "insight vision" and "patience and perseverance", are needed.
He added: "Insight vision means that man does not make a mistake in recognising the right way, and patience means perseverance and insistence on walking firmly, on the straight path so that if these two elements exist, the enemies cannot achieve their goals."
He said that if we maintain these two important characteristics, it leads to the creation of “a movement counselling each other to patience” in society. If the chain of counselling to patience and righteousness is established among the people, there will be no feelings of hopelessness, loneliness and weakness of will in society. The courage to act will not go away.
The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that one of the main goals of the enemy through its soft war is to break the chain of consensus. He warned that this was a very dangerous possibility and stressed that the youth and the experts of soft war should not let this happen.
Ayatollah Khamenei said: "In this soft war, the youth should use the opportunity of cyberspace to create hope in society and advise people to stand firmly and gain insight."
The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that the propagation of an inverted view of reality is another tactic of the enemy in the soft war and pointed to some examples of blatant lies: "The oppressed people of Yemen have been bombarded by the Saudis with the green light of the US government for six years and their economy, food and medical supplies besieged. None of the international forums and Western governments have protested against this open oppression, but now when the talented people of Yemen are responding to the enemy's attacks by building or providing defence armaments, the voices of protest and blame have been raised, even by the United Nations. Indeed, the behaviour of the United Nations is more ugly than the action of the United States.”
Ayatollah Khamenei went on to list other double standards which include the US possessing the largest nuclear arsenal and killing 220,000 people with atomic bombs while claiming to be opposed to weapons of mass destruction, supporting the Saudi government which is “shredding” its opposition leaders while at the same time claiming to support human rights and creating and supporting terrorist groups such as ISIS, funding money, providing modern media facilities and using them for Syrian oil while claiming to fight against terrorism.
Referring to the hatred and resentment of the Americans against the presence of Iran in the region, the Supreme Leader said that wherever the Islamic Republic has intervened in the region, whether in Syria or in Iraq, it has been to defend the legitimate government of that country and upon the request and consent of that government to assist it as an adviser. In contrast, the Americans invaded Iraq and Syria without the government’s permission and set up a military presence illegitimately.
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that the United States must evacuate Iraq because this is the will and the right of the Iraqis and it must also evacuate Syria as soon as possible.
It is the duty of everyone for the sake of the precious trust that is the revolution to counsel one another towards righteousness and patience, and to recognize and confront the enemy, not trust our foes or surrender to them.
Ayatollah Khamenei closed by reflecting on more than a year of efforts and struggles of Iran’s medical institutes in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. He said: “It is necessary for both myself and each and every individual to express their heartfelt gratitude to these loved ones and pray for them.”

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