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The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a message to the pilgrims of Baitullah al-Haram:

The unity of Muslims and spirituality are the two essential foundations of Hajj

 In his message to the pilgrims of Baitullah Al-Haram, Ayatollah Khamenei called unity and spirituality the two essential foundations of Hajj and the two factors of honour and happiness of the Islamic Ummah. He emphasized the brilliant consequences of the growth of Islamic awakening and self-awareness as well as the emergence of the tremendous phenomenon of resistance, noting: The arrogant West is getting weaker and weaker in our sensitive region and recently in the whole world. Of course, the enemy's deceit should not be neglected even for a moment. We should increase hope and self-confidence, which is the most prominent capital for building the future with effort and vigilance.

The text of the message by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, which was read this morning (Friday) by Hojjat-al-Islam wal-Muslimeen Nawab (representative of the Supreme Leader in Hajj and Pilgrimage affairs and supervisor of Iranian Pilgrims) in the Arafat desert, is as follows:

We thank the All-powerful and All-wise Allah, who once again made the blessed season of Hajj a rendezvous for the Muslim nations and opened this path of grace and mercy to them. The Islamic Ummah can once again observe its unity and integrity in this transparent and eternal mirror and turn away from the motives of division and dispersion.

The unity of Muslims is one of the two basic foundations of Hajj, which, when combined with worship and spirituality, the other basic foundation of this mysterious duty, can bring the Islamic nation to the height of honour and happiness and make it an example of " Yet all might belong to Allah and His Apostle and the faithful"( Al-Munafiqun,63). Hajj combines these political and spiritual elements; the holy religion of Islam is a glorious and majestic mixture of politics and spirituality.

In recent history, the enemies of the Muslim nations have made a massive effort to weaken these two life-giving+ elixirs, that is, unity and spirituality, among our nations. By promoting the western lifestyle, which is devoid of spiritual spirit and arises from materialistic short-sightedness, they weaken spirituality and challenge unity by expanding and intensifying the illusory motives of division such as language, colour, race, and geography.

The Islamic Ummah, a small example of which can now be seen in the symbolic ceremony of Hajj, must stand up wholeheartedly. This means, on the one hand, strengthening the remembrance of Allah, working for Allah, contemplation on the words of Allah, bolstering trust in the promises of Allah in the mentality of everyone, and on the other hand, overcoming the motives of division and difference. What can be said with certainty today is that the current conditions of the world and the Islamic world are more favourable than ever for this valuable effort.

Because first of all, today, the elites and many masses of people in Islamic countries have paid attention to their great intellectual and spiritual wealth and have realized its importance and value. Today, liberalism and communism, as the most significant contribution to Western civilization, no longer have the same appearance as they did a hundred years ago and fifty years ago. The reputation of Western money-oriented democracy is facing serious questions, and Western thinkers admit that they are suffering from cognitive and practical disorientation. In the Islamic world, young people, thinkers, and people of science and religion, by observing this situation, gain a new perspective on their wealth of knowledge and the typical political lines in their countries. This is the Islamic awakening that I always mention.

 Secondly, this Islamic self-awareness has created a wonderful and miraculous phenomenon in the heart of the Islamic world, which the arrogant powers are in serious trouble against. The name of this phenomenon is "resistance", and its truth is the emergence of the power of faith, jihad and trust. This phenomenon is the one about which this honourable verse was revealed at the beginning of Islam: they said, 'Allah is sufficient for us, and He is an excellent trustee. (Al Imran, 173)' So they returned with Allah's blessing and grace, untouched by any harm. They pursued the pleasure of Allah, and Allah is the dispenser of great grace (Al Imran, 174). The scene of Palestine is one of the manifestations of this remarkable phenomenon that has managed to bring the Zionist regime from an aggressive and howler state to a state of defence and passivity and impose the current political, security and economic problems on it. Other shining examples of resistance can be clearly seen in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and other places.

Thirdly, besides all this, today, the world is witnessing a successful model and a proud example of Islam's power and political sovereignty in Islamic Iran. The stability, independence, progress and honour of the Islamic Republic is a vast, meaningful and attractive event that can attract the thoughts and feelings of every awake Muslim. The inabilities and sometimes wrong actions of us, the agents of this system, which have delayed the full achievement of all the blessings of the Islamic government, have never been able to shake the solid foundations and firm steps that originate from the basic principles of this system and stop the material and spiritual progress. The reign of Islam in legislation and implementation, relying on public votes in the most critical administrative issues of the country, full political independence, and not relying on oppressive powers are placed at the top of the list of these fundamental principles; And it is these principles that can be the place of consensus among Muslim nations and governments and make the Islamic Ummah integrated and united in its orientations and cooperation. These grounds and factors have provided the current favourable situation in the Islamic world for a unified movement. Above all, Muslim governments, religious and scientific elites, independent intellectuals, and truth-seeking youth should consider taking advantage of these favourable fields.

It is natural that the Imperialist powers, especially America, are worried about such a trend in the Islamic world and use all their resources to confront it, and this is the case now. From the media empire and the methods of soft war to warmongering and igniting proxy wars to temptation and political informants, as well as threats and bribery. All of these are used by America and other Imperialist powers to take the Islamic world off the path. This region's criminal and dark Zionist regime is one of the tools of this comprehensive effort.

 By the grace and will of Allah, these efforts have failed in most cases, and the arrogant West has become weaker day by day in our sensitive region and recently in the whole world. The distress and failure of America and its criminal accomplice, the usurping regime in the region, can be clearly seen in the scene of events in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan.

 On the other hand, the Islamic world is full of motivated and energetic young people. The most outstanding capital for building the future is hope and self-confidence, which is currently surging in the Islamic world, especially in the countries of this region. We all have a duty to preserve and increase this capital.

However, you should not neglect the enemy's deceit for a moment; Let's avoid pride and negligence and increase our effort and vigilance. With attention and supplication, we should ask for help from the Almighty and Wise God in all situations. Attending Hajj ceremonies and rites is an excellent opportunity for reliance on Allah and supplication, as well as for thinking and making decisions.

 Pray for your Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide and ask Allah for their success and victory. Include Allah's guidance and help for this brother of yours in your supplications.

Peace be upon you, and may Allah have mercy on you


    Seyyed Ali Khamenei

The Fifth of Dhul-Hijjah, 1443

The Fifth of July, 2022

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