The Office of the Supreme Leader

The message of the Leader following the flood incident in many parts of the country:

Officials should take necessary measures to repair the flood damages

Following the devastating flood in many parts of the country, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution expressed his condolences to the victims in a message and thanked the officials for the quick presence and efforts of the relief groups to help the flood victims. He demanded the continuation of these actions and efforts.

The following is the message of the Islamic Revolution Leader:


In the name of Allah, the most compassionate, the most merciful

The terrible and damaging flood incident in many parts of the country has caused many of our dear people to suffer physical, financial and emotional injuries. I would like to express my deep sympathy and condolences to all the victims of this incident and demand the necessary measures from the respected authorities of the country to repair the damages. I feel it necessary to thank the officials for their quick presence in the flood-affected areas and also for the efforts of the public relief groups and those involved in helping the flood victims. It is the duty of all of us to continue these godly actions and to try to reduce the damage of these painful events continuously. I ask Almighty Allah for everyone's success.

Sayyid Ali Khamenei

The 30th of July, 2022

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