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The Leader meets the new members of the Expediency Discernment Council

We are confident of the promise of Allah for the definite triumph

This morning (Wednesday), during the meeting with the chairman and members of the new term of the Expediency Council, Ayatollah Khamenei called the Council a significant group for the Islamic Republic in terms of the presence of elite and experienced people and the all-round view on the issues of the country and the fundamental duties it is responsible for.
Referring to the recent incidents, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution called the scattered riots a passive and clumsy plot of the enemy against the progress and the great innovative movements of the Iranian nation and emphasized: as long as the nation is on the path of the Islamic system and religious values, these enmities will continue and the only way to cure it is to resist. The official of the country should also be careful that such issues do not prevent them from their primary responsibilities and duties in the domestic and foreign arenas.
Ayatollah Khamenei thanked the members for their efforts in the last term of the Assembly, especially the dense meetings about the general policies of the Seventh Plan, and also for honouring the memory of the deceased members, especially the late Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi said: The Assembly has a high and superior position both in terms of the presence of elites and experienced people in it and because of its essential duties.
He called the most critical responsibility of the Assembly the task of "discernment expediency" and said: the issue of expediency is one of the high-priority issues of the system, and according to the honourable Imam, it is so vital that neglecting it sometimes causes the failure of Islam.
The Leader of the Revolution found it wrong to introduce and interpret "expediency" as opposed to "truth and ruling of the Sharia". He emphasized it is necessary to know the issue and recognize the problem and expediency, and added: in determining expediency, it should be done in an entirely reassuring way. 
Ayatollah Khamenei also considered the validity of the laws discussed in the Assembly as expedient as long as they are still in term and noted: In the matter of general policies, one should not opt for an extreme view because it is wrong to be idealistic in the general policy of the country, as well as detailing and determining some quantities and entering into executive and legislative details.
The Leader of the Revolution called the correct definition of general policies "an up-to-date and guiding framework for laws and executive affairs in order to achieve goals" and added: some policies are permanent, but others are specific to a certain period and need to be updated.
He considered the task of monitoring the good implementation of general policies as a delicate issue. He said: sometimes it is complained that this monitoring causes the work to be blocked. At the same time, legal considerations and rules should be taken into account so that monitoring while preventing the deviation of legislative and executive directions does not cause a stop or delay in affairs.
"Effectiveness of general policies" was the final point mentioned by the Leader of the Revolution in this phrase.
Grand Ayatollah Khamenei continued to refer to the recent cases and the scattered riots and advised the members of the Expediency Council as influential people in reforming affairs and neutralizing the plot of the enemy to pay enough attention to these issues and not to ignore these issues.
Emphasizing that in the recent events, the role and involvement of the enemy are evident to everyone, even to impartial foreign experts, he added: These issues are not a spontaneous internal matter; of course, they may have used some fields, but the actions of the enemy such as propaganda, trying to influence minds, creating excitement, encouraging and even teaching ways to make explosive materials, are now completely clear.
The Leader of the Revolution listed the critical point in these cases as "the passivity and reactivity of the enemy's movement" and noted: The Iranian nation made significant moves in a short period, which were 180 degrees opposite to the world's arrogant policies, and they had to react. By plotting and spending money, they brought people, including some politicians in America, Europe and some other places, to the field in this framework.
Ayatollah Khamenei said: These massive movements showed that the Iranian nation, besides being cheerful, religious and adhering to spiritual values and issues, and the country also continues its forward movement with speed.
Ayatollah Khamenei considered the presence of millions of young people in the Arba'een procession and religious movements as an example of piety, religious belief and great movements of the Iranian nation and added: In fact, the initiative was in the hands of the Iranian nation and the enemy was forced to react clumsily and stupidly and plan for disturbance.
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized the different ruling for those who came to the streets and noted: some of these people were either the enemy's agents or, if they were not agents, they were in the same direction as the enemy, and some were emotional individuals. In the case of the second category, cultural work needs to be done, but regarding the first category, the judicial and security authorities should do their duty.
Ayatollah Khamenei said: Some people say the atmosphere should not turn into a police space environment, yes, we also agree, and as much as possible, the atmosphere should not turn into that, but cultural work has its place, so does the judicial and security job.
He emphasized: As long as the Iranian nation holds the flag of Islam and is with the Islamic system, these enmities will continue in various forms, and the only way to cure them is resistance. However, it is not like saying that moving on the path of Islam has created trouble for us from the devils, but those who are not on the track of Islam are also troubled by the devils differently.
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution noted: our perseverance in withstanding the plots and troubles of devils will not stop us and will create the grounds for moving forward.
Ayatollah Khamenei also recommended to the country officials: Be careful not to be distracted by these issues and not stop from the primary and essential tasks.
He added: the focus of giant constructions and executive tasks and effective legislations and extensive judicial works and essential issues in foreign policy should not be diverted to these minor incidents, and by God's grace, it will not be like this
At the end of his speech, he emphasized: We are sure of the promise of Allah for definite victory, and we will indeed be assisted by divine help.
Before the speech of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Amoli Larijani, the chairman of the Expediency Discernment Council, gave a report on the seriousness and supervision of the members of the Council and its actions in the field of expediency diagnosis, reviewing general policies and solving problems, as well as the activities of the Supreme Supervisory Board in the past period. He also stated the plans for the new term.


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