The Office of the Supreme Leader

In the "Ceremony of Angels", the leader addressed young girls:

Dear Blossoms, be friends with God

On the eve of the birth of Amir al-Mu'minin, Ali (a.s), a spiritual and refreshing ceremony, "Ceremony of Angels", was held in Imam Khomeini's Husayniyya, with the presence of hundreds of schoolgirls who have reached the age of Takleef (The Islamic coming-of-age) with the prayer of Maghrib and Isha, led by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

In this ceremony, which was held in an uplifting and cheerful environment, the female students celebrated the beginning of their season of worship and devotion.

Also, the Leader of the Islamic Republic, in a short speech, congratulated the girls on the Eid and the celebration and said: My dear girls and blossoms, the Takleef celebration is a valid Eid and a true celebration because from the moment of Takleef, you have gained the ability for Allah to speak to you and give you duties which then you can fulfil and this position, being addressed by Allah, is a supreme and elevated position in humanity

Addressing the girls, he added: The Takleef celebration means that you are no longer a child but are a responsible teenager, and you can have an effect on your family, school, and social environment with your friends and guide others to the right path, which is a responsibility that all of us share.

Ayatollah Khamenei advised teenage girls to become friends with the Kind and Merciful Allah and said: With your bright, clear and pure hearts, you can become friends with Allah from today. One of the ways to be friends with Allah is to remember in prayer that you are talking to Allah, so learn the meanings and translations of the words of prayer. Another way to develop a friendship with Allah is to obey His commands and abstain from what He has prohibited.

Referring to the brilliance of great and influential women in the history of Iran, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution noted: Today, there are more prominent and responsible female figures in the scientific, practical and jihad sectors, who are the pride of our beloved country, than ever before. It would be best if you also tried to become one of the great women of your dear country in the future by studying and reading books and working and thinking.

Addressing the newly responsible blossoms, he added: You can play an integral role in this grand struggle that the Iranian nation initiated during the revolution against oppression, misery and discrimination, just as many women have done before you and today, through reading their great works in books, people can become aware of their remarkable efforts throughout the years of the revolution.

At the end of this ceremony, a number of teenage girls had a heartfelt conversation with the Leader of the revolution and received his immense affection.

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