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Supreme Commander Meets with Senior Armed Forces Commanders and Officials

Supreme Commander cites world backlash against the Zionist regime

In a meeting with a group of top military commanders in Tehran on Sunday afternoon, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Commander in Chief of the Iranian armed forces, said, "According to Imam Ali (a.s), the military was the strong walls protecting the country and the nation." He went on to stress that "with this lofty status comes heavy responsibilities. He added that thank God, the armed forces appreciate this elite stature and are engaged in activities based on their responsibilities." 
Expressing his satisfaction with the continued progress of the armed forces, he advised them "not to be content with any level of progress and to press ahead without ever stopping."  
According to the Holy Quran, he said that constant readiness is a divine commandment and the source of fear for the enemies of God and the nation. He said, "Threats will never disappear for good; therefore, it is necessary to increase preparedness in all areas." 
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said that military preparedness would act as a deterrent against the enemies, calling for vigilance in the face of those plotting behind the scenes and describing this as absolutely essential. 
Referring to weaker elements' possible words and deeds, he said that "we should not preoccupy ourselves with such things. Rather, we should focus on the main plotters acting secretly."
Referring to the warmongering of the wicked global powers worldwide, he said that "wherever arrogant powers find something of interest to them, they covertly create conflict. 
Another vital issue he pointed out to the commanders of the armed forces was to focus carefully on the enemy's long-term plans. 
In this regard, he said, "It is necessary and reasonable to focus on the enemy's plans for the next five to ten years, but their medium- and long-term plans should also be watched and observed. 
Alluding to the two wars that the United States launched on Iran's eastern and western borders two decades ago, he said that these wars were motivated by American interests, but their ultimate goal was Iran. However, due to the Islamic Revolution's strong stamina, the Americans failed in their adventures and could not reach their ultimate goal. 
Pointing to these realities, Ayatollah Khamenei said, "Despite all its calculations and seemingly strong appearance and military might, the enemy can be defeated. 
Referring to the present situation that the Zionist regime finds itself in as another example of these defeats, he said that "the Zionist regime's anti-Palestinian operations during the month of Ramadan of the year before was not met with a backlash in the world, but this year, even in the United States and England demonstrations were held against Israeli crimes." 
He said that it is essential to be on the constant vigil and the same belief that the enemy is not invincible. He stressed, "At no time should we let our guard down in the face of an enemy which resorts to deception and treachery." 
The Leader of the Revolution wrapped up his speech by encouraging the intellectual centres of the Iranian armed forces to constantly plan and develop innovative strategies and robust, rational and effective policies.
Before Ayatollah Khamenei made his speech, General Bagheri, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, presented a report on the plans and steps taken by the armed forces in different areas.  


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