The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Leader in a meeting with the President of Iraq

The expansion of bilateral cooperation is in the interest of both countries

Today, in a meeting with Mr Abdul Latif Rashid, the President of Iraq and his accompanying delegation, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, emphasized that the progress, happiness, independence and elevation of Iraq are very important for the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying: The expansion of bilateral cooperation and the implementation of previously reached agreements are in the interest of both countries. 
He added: The Islamic Republic of Iran stands with Iraq, and we wish for Iraq's progress.
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution considered the serious pursuit of previously reached agreements, especially recent security and economic agreements, as a prerequisite for expanding cooperation. He said: The expansion and deepening of relations between Iran and Iraq face opposition from powerful adversaries. If there were no strong historical and ideological ties between the two countries, the relations might have reverted to the conditions of the Saddam era.
Ayatollah Khamenei, referring to the generosity of the Iraqi people in hosting Iranian pilgrims during Arba'een and non-Arba'een days despite eight years of war between the two countries, said: The meaning of such an important phenomenon is that there are unifying factors between the two nations and countries that foreign political factors cannot affect. Therefore, this opportunity should be used to deepen relations further, and there should be serious care and vigilance for its continuation.
Expressing satisfaction with the current situation of the government and state of Iraq, he considered it the result of the unity of the people and groups of Iraq and reminded: Iraq has good personalities and thoughts and motivated and active youth who should use this national wealth and maintain the grounds for this unity.
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, emphasizing that Americans are not friends of Iraq, added: Americans have no friendship with anyone and are not even loyal to their European friends. 
Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized: Even the presence of one American in Iraq is too much.
In this meeting, which was attended by Hujjat al-Islam wal-muslimin Raisi, the President of Iran, Mr Abdul Latif Rashid, the President of Iraq, expressing great pleasure in meeting with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, said: Our relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran are continuous and strong in various dimensions and fields.
Referring to his meetings and conversations with Iranian officials, he added: The entire effort of Iraq is to deepen relations with Iran and implement some remaining issues between the two countries.
The President of Iraq also expressed his appreciation for the Iranian government and people's assistance and support during various times, particularly in the fight against terrorism.


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