The Office of the Supreme Leader

Leader meets organizers of Sabzevar and Neyshabur Martyrs Congress

Passing Martyrs' Legacy: Artistic Efforts for Future Generations

The text of the speech of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in a meeting with the organizers of the National Congress in honour of two thousand and forty-four martyrs of Sabzevar, as well as the organizers of the National Congress of two thousand four hundred and ninety-eight martyrs of Neyshabur, and a group of families of martyrs from these two cities, which was held on Tuesday, 30th of May, 2023, was published this morning at the conference venue in Sabzevar.
In this meeting, Ayatollah Khamenei considered keeping the memory of the martyrs alive as a grand jihad and in line with the jihad of keeping the holy blood spilt in Karbala alive. He said: With effort and hard work, using art and creative and attractive methods, the memory, behaviour, and struggle of the martyrs must be passed on to the young generation and future generations. He also considered introducing history, scholars, and the spiritual and scientific glory of cities, including Neyshabur and Sabzevar, to young people as a duty.
In a tribute to the organizers of the National Congress of Martyrs in Sabzevar and Neyshabur, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution reminded: Throughout history, oppressive powers and those who oppose truth and justice have not had any interest or benefit in preserving the memory, name, struggles and bravery of the martyrs, which continues to this day. Therefore, keeping alive the memory of the martyrs, their families and friends as martyr-nurturing, and those actively participating and providing support with all their might in this field, is a jihad, and the value of this work must be recognized.
Ayatollah Khamenei also referred to the historical, religious, and scientific background and identity of the cities of Sabzevar and Neyshabur, calling these two cities a treasure of Islamic-Iranian history and civilization. He said: In the period between "al-Fadl ibn Shadhan al-Neysaburi" and "Haj Mullā Hādī Sabziwārī", which is about a thousand years, many shining stars of science, spirituality, and knowledge can be seen. All these great men make up significant parts of these cities' historical identities and should be introduced to the young generation.
In regards to the high status of the martyrs of Sabzevar and Neyshabur, he added: In these two cities, one can find martyrs from a young, knowledgeable and struggling martyr about twenty years old, such as Naser Baghani from Sabzevar, to a wise middle-aged martyr like Nour-Ali Shushtari from Neyshabur, whose wills are full of wisdom and knowledge. 
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, emphasizing that describing the martyrs is impossible, considered the martyrs as role models and their wills as lessons and added: Each of the martyrs, such as Shushtari, Baghani, Borunsi, and the recent martyr of Sabzevar, martyr "Aldaghi", can be a role model in some way, just as we saw how the martyrdom of "Hamid Reza Aldaghi" strongly influenced public opinion in the country. In the end, Ayatollah Khamenei referring to the trend of writing memoirs from the lives of martyrs, emphasized the need for strengthening it and being artistic in writing memoirs.


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