The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Leader met members of the Congress Commemorating the Martyrs of Lorestan province:

Gaza: Scene of Oppression, Patience and Strength

On the morning of 25th October 2023, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a meeting with participants in the Congress commemorating the 6555 martyrs of the province of Lorestan, highlighted the oppression of the people of Gaza and their patience and strength in the face of the ongoing crimes of the Zionist regime.

He said that the wounded and exhausted occupying regime is taking revenge for the blow inflicted upon them by the Palestinian fighters of Gaza. Without a doubt, despite all the support of the world's criminals and the United States’ complicity in these Zionist crimes, all this oppression and criminality will ultimately lead them nowhere. Here on in, victory lies with the Palestinian nation.

In honouring the forbearance of the oppressed people of Gaza and their trust in God, he cited some manifestations and images of their suffering, patience and steadfastness: a father who praises God on the martyrdom of his child, parents who dedicate their martyred child to Palestine, the injured teenager who recites verses from the Qur’an, and other similar scenes that give us a glimpse of the patience and deep trust in God of the people of Gaza.

The Leader of the Revolution said that the patience of the people of Gaza was crucial and a sign of the defeat of the enemy in their efforts to bring the Palestinians into submission, and asserted, "This patience and trust will help the people of Gaza and ultimately make them victorious.”

Ayatollah Khamenei said that the blow inflicted by Palestinian fighters on the usurper regime on Saturday, October 7th, was decisive and unprecedented, and said: "Over time, the irreparable impact of that trauma would become more evident."

He described the trips of the US and other evil and cruel countries such as Britain, France and Germany to occupied Palestine as attempts to prevent the destruction of the usurper regime; he said, "The evil people of the world see that the Zionist regime is being "tried and destroyed" by the firm and decisive blow of the Palestinian fighters and by making these trips, expressing solidarity with the Zionist regime, and providing them with the means to conduct their crimes with bombs and other weapons, are trying to destroy the Palestinian people. They are trying to strengthen and maintain the wounded and tottering regime.  

Referring to the inability of the usurper regime to overcome the Palestinian fighters, the Leader of the Revolution said: "Palestinian fighters have retained their morale, motivation, strength and readiness to take action, and God willing, it will continue to remain so from now on, and because of their inability to confront them, "the usurper regime is taking revenge on the defenceless people of Gaza instead.”

He said, "Whoever speaks about Gaza should also speak of the patience and strength of the people of Gaza; otherwise if they don’t, they will be doing an injustice to them."

Imam Khamenei made another critical point; he called the United States a confirmed accomplice with the criminal Zionist regime and said, "The hands of the United States are stained up to their elbows with the blood of children, women and other martyrs in Gaza, and in fact, the Americans are the ones that are directing these crimes."

The Leader of the Revolution said that the conscience of the world's public had been stirred in the United States, in Europe, in Islamic countries and other regions of the world when they witnessed the extent and depth of the crimes repeatedly committed by the Zionist regime. He added, "Those who tout freedom and human rights in Europe have banned demonstrations supporting the Palestinians, but the people ignore these prohibitions, take to the streets and shout out their rage and upset consciences. No one will be able to prevent the people's reaction to Zionist savagery."

The spiritual Leader called on Muslim governments to be vigilant and alert about the issue of Palestine and said: "Islamic countries and their political spokespersons should not chime in with the West by repeating all the nonsense they say and call the Palestinians terrorists."

The Leader of the Revolution said, "Americans call Palestinians defending their homes and homeland terrorists, but who is the terrorist, the usurper regime that has occupied their homes and homeland or those who want to take back their houses and homes?"

At the end of his speech, Ayatollah Khamenei emphasised, "Let everyone know that in this and future issues, the Palestinian nation will be victorious, and the world will be a Palestinian one, not one of the Zionist regimes." The Leader of the Islamic Revolution also mentioned to those attending the congress commemorating the martyrs of Lorestan province that the intellectual and practical process of transferring the valuable heritage of past generations to today's young generation should be the primary goal of congresses that commemorate the martyrs.

He mentioned that the "courage and bravery" and the "friendship, honesty and loyalty" of the Lor tribes are some of the most prominent characteristics of the people of Lorestan and Lori regions, and said: "The history of the Lor people in the last hundred years was in part, one of being oppressed and repressed during the Pahlavi era but they also played an epic-creating and illuminating role in the emergence of the Islamic Republic and that for the youth to know their history, both of these pages of record must be protected and compared.

He underscored the intellectual and practical transfer of the valuable heritage of the selfless youth of the past to the youth of today, saying that the country is heading towards the summit of this path, which would require much work, effort and the facing of many risks, and that if we want to walk this path with strength, we must use our history and transfer its legacy to the present generation.  

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