The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution in a Meeting of the Prime Minister of Iraq

The need to increase the political pressure on the United States and the Zionist

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met with Mr. Mohammad Shiaa’ al-Sudani, the Prime Minister of Iraq and his accompanying delegation on the morning of 6th November 2023. He expressed his appreciation for the excellent and robust positions that the Iraqi government and people have taken in their support for the people of Gaza. He saw this as crucial because of the necessity for the Islamic World to increase the political pressure on the United States and the Zionist regime. He said, “Iraq, as an important country in the region, can play a special role in this regard and create a new approach in the Arab and the Islamic world.”

About the tragic situation in Gaza and the anguish felt by all free people from these crimes and atrocities, he said that from the very first days of the Zionist regime's attacks, the evidence has pointed to the direct involvement of the United States in running this war, and as the war continues, this direct involvement in the crimes of the Zionist regime keeps growing more apparent and evident.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution added, "If there were no military and political assistance from the United States, the Zionist regime would not have been able to continue to behave like this" and, “In all truth and fairness, the United States is indeed complicit in the crimes of the Zionists in Gaza."

He said that despite all the mass murders that are being carried out in Gaza, so far, the Zionist regime has failed because it has not been able to restore the loss of its very reputation, which it will not ever be able to recover.

The Leader stressed the need for an all-out effort to increase political pressure on the United States and the Zionist regime to stop the bombings in Gaza, saying, “The Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq can play a role in this regard by coordinating with each other.”

Ayatollah Khamenei also spoke about the bilateral cooperation between Iran and Iraq in the areas of economics and security. He said, “Thanks be to God, things are moving forward, but we must be careful to continue seeking to make agreements with the same initial motivation and not slow down.”

In the end, he sincerely thanked the people and government of Iraq and the Prime Minister himself for their hospitality and the services and security they organised for the days of Arbaeen. President Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimeen Raisi also attended the meeting.

 The Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shiaa’ al-Sudani expressed great pleasure at the meeting with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution. He hailed Operation Al-Aqsa Storm as a heroic operation and a source of happiness for all the world's free people. He added, "Along with this happiness, we are all also deeply saddened by the horrific massacres in Gaza, which is a collective punishment of revenge on the people of this small region."

The Iraqi Prime Minister pointed out that concerning Gaza, the government and the people of Iraq, as well as domestic political currents, have been at the forefront of supporting the oppressed people of this region and that the Iraqi government has intensified its political efforts to stop the atrocities in Gaza.

Criticising the silence of international bodies and human rights advocates in the face of these crimes, Mr Al-Sudani said, "The first stage is to devote all our efforts to stop the bombings; the next is to send food and medical aid to the people of Gaza, and in my talks with the President of the Islamic Republic Iran, to carry out the necessary coordination with the Islamic Republic in this regard.”

The Prime Minister of Iraq also emphasised the firm determination of his government to expand relations with Iran and to implement the agreements made.

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