The Office of the Supreme Leader

Leader meets officials, Islamic reps and the public:


On the auspicious occasion of the Eid al-Mab'ath (Celebration of the divine Investiture) of the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH), Ayatollah Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met with officials and administrators of the government, ambassadors and representatives of Islamic countries, and other people from different walks of life.

He called the divine investiture (Mab’ath) of prophecy upon the Prophet (PBUH) as what causes worldly and otherworldly development and happiness, and referring to the bitter incident of Gaza and the continuing crimes of the Zionist regime, he said, “The tragedy of Gaza is a tragedy for all humanity. It shows that the current world order is completely fabricated and hence unsustainable and will ultimately fall apart.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution congratulated the Iranian nation and all Muslims on Eid al-Mab'ath, calling the Mab’ath the most blessed and most significant event in human history. He said, “The Mab’ath of the Holy Prophet introduced the complete, final and everlasting prescription for happiness in this world and happiness in the hereafter.”

He said that the Mab’ath shone forth in an environment of darkness, full of the crookedness and deviation of the Time of Ignorance. That time was the manifestation of deviation in all its signs, and the ignorance accompanied by the decline of the great civilisations of that time made the Mab’ath a supernatural event indeed. He added, “The Mab’ath programme opens the way for humanity confined within the narrow framework of materialism to connect with the world of the unseen and the divine realities, meaning belief, and then the purification of man, meaning his transcendence and his growth through the elimination of shortcomings and the removal of ugliness, evil and falsehood.”

Ayatollah Imam Khamenei described purification as a comprehensive movement correcting the affairs of the individual and society in all political, economic and social dimensions and the negation of all kinds of injustice and class disparities. He said, “Purification provides the ground for the education of the individual and society so that when society becomes enriched with knowledge and spirituality, the human being of an Islamic standard can be created.”

Citing verses from the Holy Quran, he considered the investiture (Bi’thah) of the Holy Prophet (s) as a phenomenon constantly occurring in the present and future. He said, “Even now, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is in the process of teaching and purifying, meaning that just as he called the people to stay away from idols then, he is giving the same call now.

The Leader of the Revolution called the fight against the self and the breaking of the idols of the nafs or ego the first step in responding to the invitation of the Holy Prophet (s). He added, “The fact that some say that to reform the world, one must first reform oneself and one's society is correct because when one shows the world an example of someone or something that has been reformed, it becomes attractive to it as an example and a model.”

He called the realisation of the Islamic Revolution the result of the people's response to the message of the Bi’thah and the call of the Great Imam Khomeini. He said, “Continuing in this light, our people have been moving towards success and the favour of God and have maintained their course on the correct path. As long as the response to the Prophet's (s) investiture continues, it will lead us to growth and progress, which is not only spiritual and related to the afterlife but can also lead us to achieve the best combination of worldly and spiritual life as well.”

Referring to the prevalence of oppression and the violation of rights and truth in the world today, Ayatollah Imam Khamenei said that for the people of the world to be liberated from this situation and improve their lives, they must respond to the call of the Prophet (s), purify themselves and follow his teachings. He added, “Our responsibility is to purify ourselves and demonstrate the administration of the country based on the model of Islam. We have had successes in this area that have influenced the world, and of course, we have also had shortcomings.”

In another part of his speech, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the ongoing tragedy in Gaza. He called it a tragedy not only for the Islamic world but indeed for all humanity and an indication of the ultimate falsehood of the current world order. He pointed out that today, America, England, and many European countries and their followers are behind the criminal and blood-soaked hands of the Zionist regime. He said that from this, we can understand that the current world order is a false and unsustainable one that will eventually come to an end.

He condemned the bombing of hospitals and the killing of nearly 30,000 people in Gaza as a disgrace to Western culture and civilisation. He added, “Behind these crimes are American money, weapons and political support, and as the Zionists themselves have confessed, they would not be able to continue the war for a single day without American weapons. Therefore, the Americans are also criminals and accomplices in this bitter incident.

Ayatollah Imam Khamenei called for the withdrawal of the great global and pro-Western powers from Gaza as a solution to the crisis. He said, “Palestinian fighters are themselves capable of managing the battlefield, and as of today, they have not been dealt any heavy blow that would have impeded them from managing the scene.”

He said that governments have a duty to cut off all support in political propaganda, arms and consumer goods to the Zionist regime and that the people of those countries should pressure their governments to do so.

At the beginning of the programme, Hojjat al-Islam val-Muslimin Raisi, the President of the Islamic Republic, stated in his speech that the event of the investiture (Mab’ath) is the greatest manifestation of the greatest divine blessing, which is divine guidance. He said the invitation by the Holy Prophet (s) to monotheism was accompanied by an invitation to contemplation, justice, and divine values. He also referred to the coincidence of the Ten Days of Dawn with Eid al-Maba'ath, saying, “The response of the people of Iran to Imam Khomeini's call to worship God Almighty and to fight against poverty, corruption, and discrimination is a manifestation of the response to the message of the Prophetic Bi’thah.”

Mr Raisi described the government's domestic policies and programs as being devoted to expanding justice, compensating for backwardness and improving the economic situation. He said, “The only solution to problems is to rely on internal will, so the government does not look to foreigners to solve the country's problems.”

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