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The Leader of the Islamic Revolution explains the Slogan of the Year in Nowruz's speech:


On Nowruz, the Persian New Year's Day, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed the necessity for officials to plan and make efforts to "engage and mobilise the efforts, assets, and innovations of the nation" in the economic arena. He considered it essential to realise the very important slogan for 2024, "Boost Production with People Participation." He also underscored the impact of improved economic development on the spiritual and worldly lives of the people."

Referring to the impact of improved economic conditions on people's spiritual and worldly lives, he said, "By denying the foundation, capacity, and the elements conducive to progress in the country, the enemy can weaken the light of hope in the hearts of the people. However, if the people and the youth tirelessly strive to avoid discord, they will have a bright future."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution also said that the Zionist regime would collapse in the quagmire of Gaza and pointed out that multi-national hatred towards America as the main accomplice in Zionist crimes had been increasing. He said, "As recent events have shown, there is a darkness prevailing in the West that has demonstrated the legitimacy for the formation of the Axis of Resistance. This anti-oppression front has shown its true power and strength and, with divine assistance, will continue on the path to ending the great oppression and the existence of the Zionist regime."

In extending renewed greetings on the auspicious occasion of Nowruz to the entire nation, Ayatollah Khamenei said that it heralded the simultaneous arrival of both the natural and spiritual spring, which is the ground for the rejuvenation, growth, and blossoming of the body, soul, and spirit of humanity, adding, "The beauty and power of Ramadan lie in its spiritual breeze of fasting, worship, supplication, and invocation, which guide the fervent aspirant towards the path of righteousness and submission."

He said that the reason why a particular slogan has been selected and declared for each year is for it to become the strategic goal for officials to focus on, apply their efforts and boost their determination, as well as a focus for public awareness to demand the realisation of the strategic goals that they represent.

The Leader of the Revolution commented on the focus on economic issues in the slogans of recent years, saying, "Last year, great efforts were made to achieve the slogan of "controlling inflation and promoting production," but we came up significantly short of what we desired and aimed for. Therefore, officials and public activists should keep in mind that this important slogan should be considered a fundamental duty in the new year as well."

The Leader of the Revolution hailed this year's slogan, "Boost Production with People Participation", as necessary. He said, "If officials, through planning and effort, devise a form of popular mobilisation in economic activity, a leap in production can be possible."

He saw the economy as one of the country's fundamental concerns, and by pointing out existing weaknesses and economic problems and improving economic conditions, they can have an impactful effect on all aspects of the country.

Recalling the relentless efforts of the United States and its allies to undermine Iran's economy and bring the nation to its knees, he said, "With the help of God, this goal has remained unsuccessful so far, but from now on, it will not be achieved without the efforts, seriousness, determination, and will of both officials and the people."

The Leader of the Revolution said that the economy's growth is contingent upon the movement of all the country's gears, large and small. He said, "Utilizing existing infrastructure, people's innovations, management by savvy economists, educated youth, and knowledge-based companies definitely and noticeably advance the country's economy. The relentless efforts by the country's dynamic officials and their skill in mobilising these individuals and other factors will undoubtedly lay the groundwork for great national success."

He saw the coincidence of the new year with the first year of implementing the Seventh Development Plan as another reason for officials to increase their efforts. He said, "At the end of the Seventh Development Plan, which was formulated with the overarching goal of economic progress and justice, it becomes imperative that single-digit inflation be achieved, the budget structure reformed, and the tax system transformed, with at least 90% of essential goods being produced domestically and large-scale national projects undertaken. Achieving these fundamental objectives is not possible without the involvement of the people in the economic arena; therefore, the diverse and varied capabilities of the nation must be utilised wisely and comprehensively."

Praising the perpetual readiness of the nation for participation, the Leader of the Revolution added, "Like the Sacred Defence, people must have a real and productive presence in the economic arena."

Regarding his visit to the exhibition showcasing the achievements of producers in the month of Bahman, Ayatollah Khamenei added that the achievements displayed were excellent. They indicated the people's high capacity, capability, and innovations, especially the youth, in the economic field. It proved that this great potential can be utilised in large industries, optimising water consumption, the oil sector, handicrafts, transportation, and other sectors.

He also deemed the continuation of international economic involvement necessary and vital. Addressing the officials, he said, "Agreements with other countries must be turned into national and executable contracts so that their results become clear and tangible in practice."

The Leader of the Revolution also emphasised the necessity of increasing productivity in various fields and utilising the experiences of others in this regard. He said, "The slogan of 'Boost Production with People Participation' is not for just one year; rather, officials must take the first step this year by planning and utilising the people's involvement so that, God willing, this slogan will be fully realised over time."

Ayatollah Khamenei addressed a significant concern that has troubled some sincere individuals regarding the possibility of corruption and misuse arising from the people's participation in the economic arena; he added, "This concern is warranted when we consider the misuse of governmental facilities and loans in previous years. Therefore, officials must be vigilant and careful to prevent corruption, discrimination, and unlawful exploitation in this venture." The Leader of the Revolution also considered the national interests and the country's bright future depended on faith and hope and said, "If the rise of hope in the hearts dims, no movement will occur." He said that having talented youth, a nation ready to work, unique natural resources, and an excellent geographical location are some of the many assets for the country's continued progress, adding that "The prerequisite for continued progress is that everyone remains hopeful for the future."

Ayatollah Khamenei regarded the scientific advancements in the fields of industry, health, space, politics, and foreign policy, as well as the unprecedented security achieved in the country, as shown in the safe conduct of the February 11th rallies and the recent elections, as some of the hopeful factors that have contributed to strengthening the sense of dignity and pride in the people. He said, "Thousands of young, capable, motivated, and enthusiastic groups throughout the country are engaged in various scientific, religious, cultural, and artistic fields, which all contribute to the prosperity of society."

He considered the massive processions held for Arbaeen, Eid al-Ghadir, and Mid-Sha'ban to be hopeful and exhilarating and expressed regret that their promotion in the country had been inadequate. In this regard, he said, "Despite these hopeful indicators, some individuals who are unaware and pessimistic seek to deny the existence of hope in the youth and strive to undermine it."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution considered such actions as subversive attempts to diminish hope in the hearts of young people, adding, "To whose advantage would it be if someone takes up a pen and writes articles about why one should not be hopeful about the future? Why shouldn't one be hopeful about the future in the face of having all these assets and hopeful features?"

He regarded the use of various propaganda and media tricks exaggerating weaknesses and denying progress as some of the consistent behaviours of our adversaries, saying, "The enemy has been doing such things for years, but we must not make the mistake of becoming internally negligent."

Ayatollah Khamenei strongly exhorted the youth to thwart the enemy's plans, saying, "They want to make you despair and prevent the voice of progress from reaching you, but despite the efforts of enemies to sow the seeds of discouragement, you should strive to create hope and prosperity through your work and efforts."

From the national interest perspective, the Leader of the Revolution saw "National unity, the unity of hearts, determination, and the will of the people" as other important factors. In this regard, he said, "We have been negligent and have tarnished national unity and social solidarity ourselves. We are all partners in this negligence, and we must all strive daily to preserve and strengthen national unity and unity between the people and officials."

The Leader of the Revolution mentioned that strengthening national unity has been a definitive policy of the Islamic system from the very beginning. Referring to Imam Khomeini's emphasis on this issue, he said, "Imam Khomeini used to admonish those who were divided over political and factional issues, urging them to direct all their outcries against America."

Ayatollah Khamenei considered intellectual, aesthetic, and political differences in the country to be natural and said, "Domestic disagreements and political differences should not lead to spreading hatred, creating enmity, hurling insults, harassment, and lies and slander against each other."

Turning to the youth, he said, "Try to prevent divisiveness in society, despite our differences in tastes and in societal matters, but in facing the enemies of the country and the nation, everyone should move together in a brotherly and unified manner."

In the concluding part of his speech, the Leader of the Revolution mentioned that Palestine and Gaza are the most critical international issues from several perspectives.

He referred to the Gaza massacres and the killing of more than 30,000 women, children, the elderly, and the young in front of the very eyes of that part of the world that called itself civilised and the observer of human rights, as indicative of the oppression and darkness prevailing in the Western world. He said, "The Americans and Europeans have not only failed to prevent the crimes of the occupying regime but also had declared their support from the very beginning by visiting occupied territory and sending various weapons and military aid to keep these atrocities going."

Ayatollah Khamenei saw the establishment of the Axis of Resistance in West Asia as another outcome of the recent events in Gaza over the past few months. He said, "These events have shown that the presence of the Axis of Resistance in this region is one of the most vital of issues, and day by day, this front, which arises from the awakened consciences of people to confront 70 years of oppression and criminal occupation by the Zionists, must be strengthened."

He saw the appearance of the resistance as another outcome of the current war in Gaza. He said, "Neither were the Westerners or the regional governments aware of the power and capabilities of the resistance. However, today, they are forced to witness the resilience of the oppressed people of Gaza and the determination and motivation of the Palestinian resistance and Hamas as well as the power and determination of the resistance in Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq."

The Leader of the Revolution mentioned that the power of the resistance had disrupted all the American calculations and plans for dominance over the countries in the region. He said, "The power of resistance has disrupted their calculations and showed not only that the Americans are incapable of dominating the region, but that they also cannot even remain in it and will be forced to evacuate it."

He said that the situation has revealed another reality of the events in Gaza, and that was the instability and crisis besetting the Zionist regime.

 Ayatollah Khamenei said that contradictions and deep divisions among the officials of the usurping regime have brought this regime closer to collapse and that that America has taken the worst position on the Gaza issue. He also said that mass demonstrations in support of Palestine on the streets of London, Paris, and even in the United States are, in fact, expressions of hatred towards America.

The Leader of the Revolution viewed America's wrong position and its miscalculations in Gaza as factors that have led to an international aversion to America and a tenfold increase in hatred towards it in the region. He cited this as another example of America's misunderstanding and miscalculations of regional issues. He said, "In every part of the region, from Yemen and Iraq to Syria and Lebanon, wherever brave and militant forces of resistance take action against the Americans, they always attribute these actions to Iran, but in reality, it is the resistance groups themselves who make decisions and take action, and they have the right to do so."

Ayatollah Khamenei added, "This shows that the Americans have not recognized the brave and determined people and youth of the region, and this miscalculation will surely bring them to their knees."

He said the Islamic Republic of Iran supports, applauds, and assists the resistance as much as possible.

The Leader of the Revolution said that the great oppressor in the region, namely the presence of the Zionist regime, must be eliminated. He said, "We are supporters and helpers of anyone who wages this Islamic, human, and conscientious jihad, and by the grace of God, we will achieve our goal."

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