The Office of the Supreme Leader

Leader meets head of Hamas and delegation:


In a meeting on March 26, 2024, with Mr Ismail Haniyeh, the Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, and his accompanying delegation, Ayatollah Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, honoured the unparalleled steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance forces and the people of Gaza. He said, “The historic patience of the people of Gaza in the face of the crimes and savagery of the Zionist regime, which the West fully supports, is a remarkable phenomenon that truly honours Islam, advancing the Palestinian issue to the forefront of the world attention despite the enemy’s desires.”

The Leader said that the massacre of the people of Gaza and the genocide there deeply affects the conscience of any human being. He added, “The Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate to support the Palestinian cause and the oppressed and resilient people of Gaza.”

Ayatollah Khamenei observed that the support of international public opinion for the people of Gaza, especially that of the Islamic world, is significant. He said, “The informational and media efforts of Palestinian resistance have been excellent and even surpass the propaganda of the Zionist enemy; there must be further action in this regard.”

He also commemorated the memory of martyr al-Aaruri, one of the leaders of Hamas who was martyred by the Zionist regime, saying, “This great martyr was a prominent figure whose blessed end in martyrdom was the reward of God Almighty for his jihad.”

Mr. Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the political office of Hamas, also presented a report on the latest developments in Gaza during this meeting. He expressed gratitude and appreciation for the support of the people and government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the Palestinian cause, especially for the people of Gaza. The discussion covered military and political developments concerning the Gaza conflict. He said, “The exemplary patience and steadfastness of the people of Gaza and the resistance forces over the last six months that have grown out of their unwavering faith have prevented the Zionist enemy from achieving any of its strategic objectives in the Gaza war.”

The head of the political office of Hamas pointed out that the ‘Operation Sword of Al-Quds’ has shattered the myth of the invincibility of the Zionist regime, and now, after six months, the Zionist enemy has suffered significant losses, with thousands of its military personnel killed or wounded. He said, “The war on Gaza is global, and the United States administration is the primary aider and abettor in the crimes of the Zionists. This is because it is leading the military guidance of the Zionist regime.”

At the end of his discussions with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Mr Hanyieh said, “I assure Your Excellency that despite all the brutality, crimes, and genocide taking place in Gaza, the people of Gaza and the resistance forces stand strong, and they will not allow the Zionist enemy to achieve any of its objectives.”

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