The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s Message to the 12th Islamic Consultative Assembly:


In a message on the occasion of the commencement of the Twelfth Parliament, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, stated that the formation of an exemplary parliament depends on disciplined and harmonious interaction with other branches of government and proper conduct and patience on a social level within the legislative body. He said, “The parliament must always be a source of calm, inspiration, and motivation, encouraging unity and brotherhood in the country's public sphere."

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution also said that winning the people’s hearts and their sincere gratitude through service and righteous deeds are actions deserving of divine reward. He noted that the attendance of millions at the funeral of the late President and his dear companions is an example of this divine reward.

After praising God, and invoking the blessings of God upon the Holy Prophet and his descendants, especially on the Imam of our Age, the text of the message from the Leader of the Islamic Revolution is as follows:


In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Now that the twelfth term of the Islamic Consultative Assembly begins, as always, on time and without delay, we turn in humility towards the Presence of the Almighty and Wise God. I express gratitude for the continuation and strengthening of the religiously based authority of the people which is a great divine gift to the Iranian nation.

Each new parliament can bring fresh illumination to the nation’s horizons increasing its hope and motivation. The combination of new, energetic representatives with experienced and seasoned elected officials conveys the message that, by exercising its powers under the constitution and adhering to its heavy responsibilities as pillars of the country, the House of the Nation will be able to accompany modernity and innovation with maturity and thoroughness and keep legislation and oversight away from turmoil and stagnation.

Undoubtedly, disciplined and harmonious interaction with other branches of government, and collective behaviour within the legislative branch that is proper and patient, will help realise all the features of a balanced parliament and create lasting memories of the representatives' good deeds.

I always emphasise that the parliament must be a source of calm, inspiration, and motivation, and encourage unity and brotherhood in the country's public sphere. Within the parliament itself, futile competition for media exposure and harmful political debates should not occupy the short time of their tenure of responsibility, otherwise, the valuable capacity of representatives in this high position will be wasted and that would be a significant loss.

Another point regarding the swearing-in of representatives is that it is not a ceremony or a display; it is a real and liable oath that will be binding in this world and the hereafter. Respected representatives must inevitably keep the obligations of this religious oath in mind throughout their entire tenure and consider adherence to it as the criterion for judging their performance.

The next point concerns ethical obligations: The Islamic way of life is largely defined by moral virtues which gain greater significance when facing political challenges and legitimate competition. Here, the alchemy of piety forgiveness, justice, honesty, responsibility, and selfless work reveals its true value. The martyrs of the April flight - whose memory now resonates throughout the country - exhibited adherence to moral virtues as one of their characteristics. Vigilance in this regard must be taken seriously.

The final point is that we should remain cognisant that each member of parliament represents the entire Iranian nation. This means that a representative’s primary task is to safeguard the national interest. Actions taken to resolve constituency issues should be done with a perspective on the wider national context, in this regard, the approval of excessive development projects that go beyond the capacity of the development budget should be avoided.

Dear brothers and sisters! Working with the intent to serve the people, perform righteous deeds, and earn divine rewards are commendable actions. God, who is the Most Grateful and the Most Knowledgeable will reward them in this world and the hereafter. Attracting the hearts of people and their sincere gratitude is one of the divine rewards in this world, and the turnout of millions for the funeral of the late President and his dear companions is an example of this heavenly reward. Loyal and vigilant people in various cities, showering flowers and showering tears, revived the memory of the martyrs of the late ‘70s and early 80’s for the new generation of the country which, in practice, was their response to thousands of lies, accusations, and rumours. May the mercy and blessings of God be upon them!

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the honourable representatives of the eleventh term, especially the hardworking Speaker and the active presidential team.


May the Peace and Mercy of God Be Upon You

Sayyid Ali Khamenei

May 26, 2024

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