The Office of the Supreme Leader

Meeting Scientific Olympiad Medallists, the Leader of the Revolution said:


At a cordial meeting today with a group of young medallists from the national and international student Olympiads, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution described the elite youth as a source of deep and genuine hope, saying, "The country needs a scientific surge, and young elites are the main drivers to fulfil this national need."

Ayatollah Imam Khamenei's words were filled with trust and hope as he shared, "Unlike some officials in recent decades, I have unwavering faith in young people and their youthful motivation. I consider you a tremendous asset, far more valuable than your prestigious medals."

He highlighted the significant capacity of young elites to bring about nationwide and even historical change and create a much more desirable environment. He said, "Human factors, not in the sense of politicians and rulers, but in terms of intellectual, ethical, and spiritual contributors, have given Iran remarkable splendour and prominence at various points in history."

Referring to the roughly 200-year period of British and later American dominance over the country, the Leader of the Revolution said, "During that time, our culture and scientific development were destroyed, and Iran was kept at a low level politically; however, by relying primarily on the power of the youth, the Revolution disrupted that situation and created advancements in various fields such as politics, science, technology, social ethics, and in other areas as well."

He called upon the young elites to collaborate and brainstorm solutions for various issues and problems, adding, "Winning medals or getting high marks in entrance exams is just the beginning of the elite journey. This path must be continued and advanced with intellectual and practical creativity in the scientific and technological fields and with the promotion of ethics. Relevant institutions also have duties in this regard and must establish and promote these processes."

Ayatollah Khamenei discussed the formation of a successful scientific movement in the 1980s and the acceleration of the country's scientific progress. He said, "In the latter years of the 1990s, this movement experienced a decline. Although this decline has somewhat been compensated for in the past few years, it has not been sufficient. In our current situation, we need a scientific surge to reach the forefront of global science. This is achievable through the efforts of young elites and by preparing the general environment for this to happen."

The Leader of the Revolution said that the country's political independence was a palpable reality. He said, "The Islamic Republic holds a prominent position in global issues due to its rational positions and its noteworthy stances, which even our opponents have acknowledged." He said, "This political independence must remain intact, and every government that comes into office should preserve it."

Ayatollah Imam Khamenei responded to a question from one of the young elites regarding the elections, saying, "In the crucial upcoming elections, it is of utmost importance to increase participation; therefore, it is necessary to make every possible effort in the academic and family environments to achieve this."

The Leader of the Revolution also mentioned two important criteria for the elections, "For a good choice, see who is closer to the principles of the Revolution and has the capability to work towards these principles."

At the end of this meeting, the Olympiad medallists offered their medals to the Leader of the Revolution. Ayatollah Khamenei thanked them for this gesture: "I accept these medals from you, my children, but I believe they should remain with you; therefore, I return these medals, which are a source of pride, back to you."

He also thanked the Minister of Science and the Vice President for Scientific Affairs for their efforts in working with young elites.

In the meeting, 8 medallists from various student and university-level Olympiads expressed their views on different issues related to the elites. The Leader of the Revolution strongly urged the relevant authorities to investigate these matters thoroughly.


Before the meeting, the young elites performed the noon prayer led by the Leader of the Revolution.

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