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IR Leader salutes Basiji students

Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei in a statement addressed to the annual gathering of the directors of the University Basij Offices underlined that to be a member of the Basij Organization requires fielding all capabilities for the sake of the aspirations of the Islamic System.

The text of his statement is as follows.

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate
Dear Basiji students

I salute every one of you and pray the Almighty God to give you the Divine succor, resolute stride and flourish. The association of students under the banner of the Basij demonstrates the vast realm and the complex and multi-faceted nature of the honorable and famed name.

To be a member of the Basij requires to field all capabilities for the sake of the aspirations of the Islamic System and to make hopeful and purposeful efforts and faithful practice towards perfection.

Provided the requirements are met in the university in a student association, they bring about sublime position, innovation, and bravery in the field of science, politics, faith and serving others. Basiji students must evaluate themselves with those parameters and boost their diligent efforts in the path of the lofty goals.

The passage of time has proved the validity of past expectations. The Islamic System has shown its huge capacity and potentiality in different fields and displayed its growth, liveliness and flourish. The fresh word, sincere resolve and hopeful message of the Iranian nation are now recognized far and wide, introducing new horizons before the eyes of the nations.

Central to the illuminate beam are our faithful, vigorous, and pure youth. Further broaden and light up this central point.

May God assist and succor you. And peace and Allah's blessing be upon you
Sayed Ali Khamenei
Shahrivar 1, 1385 (August 23, 2006)

The Organization of Basij was founded by the late Imam Khomeini in November 26, 1979, early on the Islamic Revolution. Meaning mobalization in Persian, the Basij foundation convened and administered public and volunteer forces in the path of the Islamic Revolution's lofty aspirations, mainly as helping establish justice in the country and the world.
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