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President elect is president of all Iranians

Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei in a congratulatory statement on the tenth Iranian presidential elections said the more than 80 percent turnout in the elections and the 24 million vote of the elected president was a real festival, warning however that enemies were trying to ruin the sweetness of elections through ill-will moves.

The text of the message is as follows.

In the Name of God

Dear Iranian nation,
Aware, brave and timely men and women,

God's blessing to you for you proved your qualifications for receiving the blessings of God. Your epic Friday was a marvelous and exceptional event which beautifully and magnificently displayed to the world the political growth and determined revolutionary face and civil capacity of the Iranian nation.

The dignity and sovereignty which you showed by your calm and perfection in the country's history and the stout-heartedness you showed in the fateful ground amid the frenzy of enemy psychological war is so important that it could not be stated by regular remarks. One can only say that the Iranian nation has maintained its capacity for God's blessing and keep the support of God in the country's progress.

Khordad 22nd elections set a new record in the long history of Iranian elections. Participation of more than eighty percent in the elections and the 24 million vote to the president-elect is a real festival which by the favor of God could guarantee the progress, security and enduring enthusiasm in the country. Yesterday you proved that Iran thank to the Islamic, revolutionary slogans and values even thirty years after the inception of religious democracy in the country, is more alive and enthusiastic than ever and ensures friends and enemies that it would continue its bright way.

Modest towards the will and faith of you dear people, I congratulated the great accomplishment6 to Hazrat Valiollah Azam, to soul of Imam Khomeini and to every one of the people. I urge all people to cherish the favor of God and offer gratitude to the all-wise, all-knowing God.

Enemies would apparently seek to ruin the sweetness of the event through some provocations. I advise all people, especially the dear youths who were the liveliest players in the enthusiastic event, to keep vigilance. Saturdays after elections must always be day of affection and patience. Either supporters of the elected candidate or supporters of other respected candidates must avoid any provocative and ill wishing moves. The president-elect is the president of all Iranian people; every one including the rivals of yesterday must unanimously support and help him. No doubt, this is another Divine test which could attract God's blessing if passed successful.

I feel obliged to offer my sincere thanks to al those who played a role in creating the great event: the respected candidates who drew people of different social and political tastes to the scene through expression of their political and economic viewpoints; elites who invited their audience to the great test; grand Marjas and alims; university scholars; cultural and political personalities; the national media (IRIB), its managers, designers, anchor persons and artists whose admirable innovations played a fateful role in the unforgettable event; the Ministry of the Interior and the respected Guardian Council which met their obligations sincerely and honestly; the police and other security keeping bodies which secured a healthy, tranquil and open space for people and finally and more than others, every one of the voters who earned dignity and security for themselves and their country.

I again heartedly thank the dear and all-mighty God and ask his to bestow His guidance on this nation and this poor servant. I offer greetings to Valiollah Azam and pin hope in the prayers and support of the true owner of this country. I also offer greetings to the soul of the departed Imam and the pure souls of the dear martyrs.

Wassalam-u Alaikom wa Rahmatollah
Sayyed Ali Khamenei
June 13, 2009
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