The Office of the Supreme Leader

Iranians’ ambitions attainable via government-nation cooperation

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful 
O You Who Mutate Hearts and Visions, O You Who Run Day and Night, O You Who Turn Years and Conditions, Change Our Conditions to the Best 
Blessings Be Upon Ali, Fatima and Her Father and Her Husband and Her Children
The start of the year coincides with the anniversary of the martyrdom of Hadhrat FatimaZahra, May God Bless Her. Our people’s attachment to the household of the prophet [Muhammad] and the esteemed daughter of the great messenger has requirements which everyone is bound to meet and will definitely do so. We hope that these days and this [new] year would be littered with the blessings of Fatima and the blessed name of this great figure and her memory would leave deep-seated and lasting effects on the lives of our people in the [Iranian calendar] year 1394. And we hope that the beginning of spring, the [rebirth of] nature, which marks the start of New Year on the solar calendar, would be filled with blessings for the Iranian nation and all nations marking Norouz.
I offer my humble salutations to the household of Hadhrat Baqiatallah al-Azam (an allusion to the last Shia imam believed to be in occultation), for whom we are ready to sacrifice our souls. We commemorate the late great Imam [Khomeini] and our honorable martyrs at this blessed time and we hope to enjoy the blessings of the pure souls and the prayers of the pure souls of these esteemed figures.
We take a brief look at the year 1393 and a brief look at the current year which starts at this time. The year 93 was replete with adventures for our country, both in the internal domain and external and international domain. We had challenges, we also made progress. Given these challenges, we named the year 93 the year of “National Determination and Robust Management”. Taking a look at what happened in the year 93, we see that, thank God, national determination was manifested; our nation demonstrated its firm determination in enduring certain problems that existed, it proved this determination, this aspiration on Bahman 22 (February 11), on Quds Day and in the massive demonstrations on Arabeen (December 13, 2014).
Robust management was, thank God, obvious and evident in some sectors. In the sectors we observed robust management, we witnessed progress. Of course, this recommendation is not limited to the year 93. National determination and robust management are both necessary for our nation in this year and in the years to come.
But in the year 94, we have great wishes for our dear nation and all of these wishes could be fulfilled. Our great wish for the nation in this year is economic development as well as regional and international might and dignity, scientific progress in the true sense of the word, judicial and economic justice as well as faith and spirituality which are the most important of all. In our view, all these demands and wishes are attainable. None of them are outside the capability of the Iranian nation and outside what the [Islamic] establishment’s policies can achieve. We enjoy great potential. To that effect, there is a lot to say and I will address, God willing, the most important of them in [my Satrurday] afternoon’s speech.
What I would like to speak about to our dear nation is that this potential is great and can be realized, but it has requirements. One of these requirements consists of friendly cooperation between the nation and the government. If suchfriendly cooperation takes shape from both sides, our wishes will thoroughly come true and our dear people will see their effects with their own eyes. The government is meant to serve the nation and the nation is demanding services from the government. The more friendship, cooperation and empathy between them, the better work will go ahead. They should trust one another. The government should recognize the nation and the value, significance and capabilities of the nation in the proper sense of the word. Reciprocally, the nation should trust the government in the proper sense of the word.
In this regard, I have issues to address and I have also recommendations which I will, God willing, highlight in my speech.
In my view, we should consider the current year as the year of extensive cooperation between the government and the nation. I have chosen the following motto for this year: Government and Nation, Empathy and Rapport. We hope that this slogan will be realized in practice and both sides of this motto, i.e. our dear nation, our great nation, our ambitious and courageous nation, our prudent and wise nation and the government, dedicated to serving people, will be able to abide by this motto in the proper sense of the word and would see its impacts and results.
We pray to Almighty God to facilitate progress in the country and we ask Almighty God to enable us to succeed in rendering services.

Blessings upon you, and God’s compassion and blessings upon you