The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Leader’s remarks on the Mina disaster at the start of his course to clerics at the post-jurisprudence level

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

After a long holiday, today, we start our discussion; however, our hearts are filled with sorrow and filled with grief because of this bitter incident that took place at Mina and turned the Eid [al-Adha] into [a] mourning [occasion] in true sense of the word. Every year, in the season of Hajj, just like these days when Hajj rites and Hajj rituals have ended, the country is in [a state] of general jubilation; Hajjis come back [from Hajj pilgrimage], [and] families are happy, [because] their fathers, their children [and] their spouses are coming back [from Hajj pilgrimage]; families are happy that [their Hajjis] have come back, have done the Hajj pilgrimage, [and] have succeeded. 
After all, the world of Islam has question[to ask]. More than 1,000 [people] killed from various Islamic countries in a single incident, is this a joke? [And only] God knows how many hundreds [of people have] been killed from our country! Now, it is yet not clear where the missing [persons] are; it is possible that a great number of these [missing persons] are also [among] those who have lost their lives. Is [having] a few hundreds [of people] killed in an incident – [especially] in Hajj incident – a small matter? Is this a joke? The Islamic world must think [of a solution] for this [problem]; and the first point is that Saudis must accept their responsibility and meet the requirements for accepting this responsibility. That instead of apologizing to the Islamic Ummah and instead of apologizing to families [of victims of this incident] they start [and] keep incessantly attributing things  to this and that and incriminate [others] and the likes of that, will get [them] nowhere and nations will seriously follow up [on this issue]; this issue will not be forgotten. I hope, God willing, God will determine what is good [for all of us].