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The Leader in a meeting with lawmakers:

Parliament should make laws on fighting terror, money laundering

In a meeting with the speaker, lawmakers and a number of staff members of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis), Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei described the Majlis as the solid pillar of the Establishment and, as the late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini put it, the essence of virtues, i.e. the concentrate of the most superior characteristics of the nation, He added, “The legislators should pay full attention to important issues such as ‘the priorities of the country, resolving the problems of the people, particularly the middle and impoverished classes, imperviousness to Western views, revolutionarism and refraining from aristocracy in passing legislation and fulfilling their basic responsibilities.”  

At the beginning of his remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei said the provision of sincere service to the people is the most superior form of worship, adding, “If all of the measures, conduct and remarks of the representatives are for God and aimed at His satisfaction, they are genuine services and will result in intimacy with God Almighty.”     

He stressed that the quality of the Majlis must increase in every term compared to the previous term and stressed that achievement of this objectives hinges on greater and better effort. He reiterated, “The requisite to leading in the field of service is superior endeavor and fundamental measures and actions.” 

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution assessed as positive the report by the speaker of the Majlis of the measures taken, adding, however, that, “Quantitative indices such as the number of ratifications are not sufficient for this evaluation and the weightiness of the ratifications in the management of the country, namely the influence of the legislations in the progress of the country and the elimination of the problems of the people, must be measured.”   

He pointed to late Imam Khomeini’s description of the Majlis as “the essence of the nation’s virtues,” reiterating, “The Iranian nation has been the symbol of virtues such as ‘faith, science, self-confidence, independence, steadfastness and pride in its properties’ and on this account, the Majlis and its representatives must be the essence of these virtues and the manifestation of national pride and the might and strength of the Islamic Establishment.” 

In the same regard, Ayatollah Khamenei stressed, “The Majlis must not the symbol of doubt, self-deprecation, despair and hopelessness and disregard and inconsideration for the country’s issues and must not view the national capacities and capabilities with despondency.”  

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution recalled two historical examples of foreign aggression, namely the invasion of Iran by Seljuqs and Mongols, and the advent of beloved Islam in Iran, reiterating, “In all of these eras, the Persian language and the Iranian culture, art and civilization was preserved and advanced daily and this shows the might and strength of the nation.”  

He pointed to the all-out animosity of the enemy toward the Iranian nation over the past 40 years, adding, “For 40 years, a massive front of enemies, like in the Battle of the Confederates in the early Islam, has been taking the toughest hostile measures against the Iranian nation with every possible bid such as war, sanctions and security threats; however, today the science, might, progress, greatness and international presence of Iran is increasing daily and incomparable to the first day of the Revolution.”     

Offering a summary in kind of this section of his remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei stressed to the lawmakers, “The Iranian nation is such a proud and outstanding nation; thus, you, being the essence of their virtues, must view yourself and the Majlis from such a standpoint and fulfill your duties.” 

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said “lawmaking and laying the tracks for the country’s executive movement” as the most important duty of the Majlis, and stressed the need for continuously improving the quality of legislation, outlining some important points in this regard. 

“Paying attention to the country’s priorities and strictly avoiding legislation on insignificant issues” was his first point.

Addressing the representatives of the nation, Ayatollah Khamenei stressed, “You only have a four-year term to serve the nation, therefore, spend every moment of that time to make laws on important and top-priority issues.” 

“The practicality of the legislation” and “refraining from making laws in issues running counter to the country’s interests” were two other points cited by the Leader of the Revolution in his address to the representatives. 

On the same topic and with regard to the international conventions and treaties, he said, “These treaties are initially cooked up in the think tanks of major powers for their own interests and benefits and then after aligned, subservient or intimidated governments have joined in, it takes an apparent international shape such that if an independent country like Iran refuses to accept them, it would be fiercely attacked for rejecting it while, for instance, 150 countries have endorsed it.”

Elaborating on the correct course to deal with these conventions, the Leader of the Revolution added, “As we have stated about some ‘international conventions recently raised in the Majlis,’ the Islamic Consultative Assembly, which is cultivated, matured and prudent, must make laws independently on issues such as combating terrorism or battling money-laundering.” 

He added, “Of course, some provisions of international treaties may be good, but there is no necessity to join conventions whose underlying objectives we are not aware of or know that they have some problems by citing these provisions.” 

Continuing on the topic of the necessities for legislation, Ayatollah Khamenei added, “Laws must primarily be in line with the resolution of the problems of the people, particularly the middle and poor classes, and must not be such that they would be a tool in the hands and at the service of the powerful and rich.”

“Fully observing the professional aspects by making use of the capabilities of the Majlis Research Center and the views of elites outside the Majlis” was another point which the Leader of the Revolution strongly recommended to the lawmakers. 

He criticized some cases of the influence of Western views on the Majlis on issues related to “the family [institution],” saying, “In legislation, seek the real settlement of problems.”      

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated, “Western lifestyle is at odds with the real meaning of the family [institution] and has created some unsolvable problems for them; therefore, in making laws to resolve the problems of Iranian families, no attention should be paid to the Western views of women, children, fathers and mothers.” 

“Legislation in line with the important priority of the country, namely the settlement of economic woes” was another agenda set by the Leader of the Revolution for the Majlis.

He expressed pleasure with the convention of a meeting between the heads and elements of the three branches of the government to seriously take up economic issues, saying, “This meeting must succeed and open the way for the resolution of the present problems with strong decisions and the Majlis must also move in this direction and not allow the enemies to take advantage of economic woes.”  

“The renewal and refinement of legislation,” “the elimination of some previous laws that have lost their existential philosophy and ratification rationale” and “the abolition of some contradictory and problematic laws, for example to facilitate business atmosphere” were some of the other points mentioned by the Leader of the Revolution with regard to the imperatives of lawmaking in the House of Nation.    

He criticized the lack of implementation or delay in the execution some laws in some apparatuses, stressing, “Legislation is ratified for implementation and the Majlis must follow up on and seriously demand the implementation of laws.”  

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed the need for the Revolutionary conduct of the representatives, namely “the prudent, judicious and diligent conduct,” reiterating, “In your parliamentary oath, you commit to protect the principles and achievements of the Revolution and Establishment and fulfilling this pledge is not possible without Revolutionary conduct in the correct sense of the word; furthermore, if this obligation is not honored, the presence of representatives in Majlis is problematic in terms of the Constitution and religious law.”     

The Leader of the Revolution pointed to his perennial recommendation to state officials for “Jihadi Management,” saying, “Revolutionary spirits, faith and motivation must govern the conduct, speech and moves of the representatives in the Majlis.” 

“On-time and complete presence in the commissions and open sessions of the Majlis,” “complete abstention from unnecessary foreign trips” and “refraining from aristocracy” were the other recommendations of the Leader of the Revolution to the lawmakers.  

Ayatollah Khamenei described “aristocracy” as the great plight of the country, adding, “If aristocratic temperament becomes part of our lifestyle, its negative consequences, including the ebbing, will have no end and things will become very difficult.”

Continuing his remarks, the Leader of the Revolution said the issue of “monitoring the conduct of lawmakers” is even more important than Majlis supervising the administration and other bodies, stressing, “The committee that has been set up in the Majlis in this regard must be enhanced and must in the real sense of the word supervise the conduct the lawmakers.”

He described as good and improving the performance of the Islamic Consultative Assembly up to today, stressing, “This movement must be further enhanced, because the country needs the solidity of the internal structure of the nation and Establishment.” 

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to the daily-increasing exposure of the intrinsic malevolence of international bullies, adding, “Seeing the pictures of the crime of the separation of thousands of children from their mothers in the US, exhaust’s one’s patience; however, the Americans with utter maliciousness separate the children from their migrant parents.”   

He said the criminal and bloody attacks by some countries in possession of advanced arms to seize control of a port from the oppressed Yemeni people as another example of the evil nature of global bullies, adding, “These enemies of humanity bear hostility toward the Islamic Republic because of the steadfastness and justice-seeking of the Iranian nation; however, by the grace of God, the Iranian nation will prevail over the US and other enemies by maintaining its internal solidity.” 

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed, “These criminals are the present day’s Shimr (the villain who beheaded Imam Hussain) and according to the Quran, none of their pledges and pacts are reliable and the Iranian nation clearly sees this reality today.”

At the end of his speech, Ayatollah Khamenei stressed, “The enemies of the Iranian nation are in the true sense of the word bullies and blackmailers and it goes without saying that the Iranian Establishment, the nation and the officials will give in to no bully or extortionist.” 

Prior to the remarks of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ali Larijani, the Majlis speaker, provided a report on the measures of the parliament in supervision and legislation, saying, “Two hundred open sessions were held in Majlis and 109 laws and 14 cases of research and investigation were approved.”  

Pointing to some of the legislation ratified in the 10th Majlis, Larijani reiterated, “Twenty-six sessions of the Majlis were devoted to important issues such as looking into the conditions of pension funds, water issues, the problems created during the [unrest in] late December last year to mid-January, nuclear and regional issues, the conditions of banks, employment and economic priorities.”

The Majlis speaker added, “The problem of inflation and the incomplete construction projects are being looked at by the Majlis and a new mechanism was foreseen for it in this year’s budget.”

Larijani said the lawmakers are very serious in their sensitivity about the hostile measures of the US and countering the sanctions, adding, “At the current sensitive juncture, Iran will proudly see off the challenges with the wise initiatives of the Leader of the Revolution.”  

The speaker of the Majlis added, “The Islamic Consultative Assembly will stand up to the foreigners’ machinations and will cordially cooperate with the other branches of the government for the security and prosperity of the Iranian nation, particularly on economic aspects.”

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