The Office of the Supreme Leader

Hajj Rites 2015

  • Introduction
  • Types of Hajj and ‘umrah
  • General Structure of hajj tamattu‘ and its ‘umrah
  • hajj ifrād’ and ‘umrah mufradah
  • hajj qirān
  • General Rules for hajj tamattu‘
  • Part one ḥajjat ul-Islam and hajj on behalf
  • Part two Rites of ‘umrah
    • Chapter one Places (Mīqāts) of iḥrām
    • Chapter two iḥrām
    • Chapter three Ṭawāf and its prayer
    • Chapter four sa‘y between Safā and Marvah
      • Miscellaneous issues about sa‘y
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        Miscellaneous issues about sa‘y

        Issue 357: The sa‘y — like ṭawāf — forms one of the fundamental rites of hajj. Neglecting it, deliberately or inattentively is like neglecting ṭawāf which has been mentioned in rulings of ṭawāf.

        Issue 358: If a person forgets the rite of sa‘y, takes off the dress of iḥrāmof ‘umrah and has intercourse with one's spouse, they have to perform sa‘yagain and slaughter a cow as a kaffārah by obligatory caution.

        Issue 359: If a person adds one or more rounds to the seven round of sa‘yinattentively, his sa‘y would be valid and he would not have to pay kaffārah. A person who does not know the ruling is like a person who forgets it.

        Issue 360: The person who adds seven rounds while performing sa‘y, as he considered both going from Safā to Marwah and Marvah to Safā as one round, his/hersa‘y is valid and there is no need to repeat it. Likewise, if he/she notices during the sa‘y that he/she has performed more than seven rounds, his/her sa‘y is valid. However, one must discontinue at the time of remembrance and should not continue the remaining of the additional round.

        Issue 361: If a person performed incomplete sa‘y inattentively, he should complete it whenever he becomes aware. If he remembers this after return to his native country, he must go back to the holy city of Mecca in order to complete it. However, if there is difficulty in going back, he must appoint a representative to fulfill this act.

    • Chapter five taqsīr
  • Part three Practices of hajj
  • Inquires about hajj and ‘umrah
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