The Office of the Supreme Leader

Practical Laws of Islam

  • Rules of Taqlīd
  • Rules on Purity
  • Prayer
  • Fasting
    • Pregnant and Nursing Women
    • Illness and Restriction by a Physician
    • Fast Invalidators
    • Remaining Junub
    • Masturbation
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      Q 780: A person breaks his fast by masturbation, ḥarām sexual intercourse, or taking ḥarām food/drink. What is the ruling?
      A: In the given case, he should fast for sixty days or feed sixty poor persons. It is a mustaḥabb caution to do both.
      Q 781: Someone masturbated although he knew that masturbation would invalidate the fast. Does he have to offer the two-fold kaffārah?
      A: The two-fold kaffārah is not obligatory for him if he masturbated intentionally and ejaculated, although it is a recommended caution to pay the two-fold kaffārah.
      Q 782: I had an emission during the blessed month of Ramadan for no reason other than excitement that I felt during a telephone conversation with a non-maḥram woman. If the phone conversation was not for the purpose of pleasure, is my fast invalid? And if it is, do I have to pay kaffārah as well?
      A: If the semen discharges against his will, the fast is not invalidated.
      Q 783: For a number of years, a person was in the habit of masturbating during the month of Ramadan and at other times. What is the rule regarding his prayers and fasts?
      A: Masturbation is absolutely prohibited. When it leads to discharge of semen, it makes one junub. To masturbate while fasting amounts to breaking the fast by ḥarām means. If one performs prayers and fasts in the state of janābah, i.e., without performing ghusl or tayammum, his prayers and fasting are void and he must perform their qaḍā’.
      Q 784: Is it permissible for a husband to masturbate using his wife’s hand?
      A: It is not an instance of ḥarām masturbation.
      Q 785: Is it allowed for a bachelor to masturbate if required by the doctor for a laboratory test of semen, and that is the only way to get it?
      A: There is no problem if there is no other choice for treatment.
      Q 786: Some medical centers require a man to masturbate for sperm tests to determine whether he can have children or not. Is this masturbation permissible?
      A: Although it is done to determine fertility, masturbation is prohibited by Islamic law unless it is necessary.
      Q 787: Is it permissible for a man to have sexual excitement through imagining his own wife or a non-maḥarām woman?
      A: In the first case, there is no objection to it unless it leads to a ḥarām action. In the second case, it is a caution to avoid doing so.
      Q 788: Someone at the beginning of ritual maturity fasts during the month of Ramadan, but masturbates while fasting, continuing in this way for some days without knowing that fasting requires him not to be junub. Is it sufficient for him to perform the qaḍā’ of the fasts of those days, or does some other rule apply to him?
      A: If he does that while fasting knowing that it invalidates the fast, both qaḍā’ and kaffārah are obligatory for him. Any way, if he does not know that but knows that masturbation is harām, in addition to qaḍā’, he should, by obligatory caution, observe kaffārah. However, as for the next days, while he does not know that, if he is sure that no ghusl is required for getting pure of janābah, neither qaḍā’ nor kaffārah is required. Yet, it is good to observe caution and make up for these fasts in qaḍā’.
      Q 789: If someone who is fasting looks at a sexually arousing scene during the month of Ramadan and becomes junub, does it invalidate his fast?
      A: If he looks in order to ejaculate, he knows that he will become junub if he looks at it, or he is in the habit of that yet looks at it intentionally and becomes junub, then, the rule of intentionally becoming junub applies to him. So he should observe both qaḍā’ and kaffārah.
      Q 790: Someone repeatedly breaks the fast on the same day. What should he do?
      A: This only entails one kaffārah. However, if he breaks fasting by masturbation or sexual intercourse, it is an obligatory caution to pay as many kaffārah as he masturbated or had sexual intercourse.
    • Rules of Breaking Fasting
    • Kaffārah of the Fast and Its Amount
    • Making up Missed Fasts
    • Miscellaneous Issues on Fasting
    • Sighting the New Moon
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